My theory of the electorate

It’s very simple: if you’re a smart, well-informed voter, your vote doesn’t matter.

At all.

Though your political establishment dearly wants you to think otherwise, of course.

This is what gets me about the “smart” political junkies who love to go around calling Trump a clown, etc. as if the fact that his simplistic presentation is a legitimate reason why he’s not suitable for the Presidency.

All these Smart Folks apparently haven’t put 2 and 2 together to realize that (a) the collective IQ of the country is dropping every year, and (b) half of all citizens are below average intelligence.

And that’s not even going into the travesty that is modern education indoctrination, where college students have been trained to exercise political power through tactical temper tantrums. They can vote, too.

So all a politician has to do to win is appeal to the below-average and a good chunk of the just-above-average, and voila, none of the votes of the Smart, Informed Folks matter – because the majority of the country is neither smart nor informed, but votes anyway.

In a Reality TV nation, nobody who appeals to policy wonks is electable. Politics is a circus, not a sober debate. People vote for the most emotionally appealing candidatenot the one most “qualified” for the job. Whatever that means.

So it’s never going to matter how “allergic” the policy wonks are to a candidate like Trump – if the guy can appeal strongly enough to normal people, he’s going to win.


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