Magical non-thinking

Sarah Hoyt expresses something I’ve noticed a lot, recently, much better than I could: Magical Thought.

Of course, I’m a downright mean person, so I’m not willing to go so far as to dignify this kind of neural pattern with the words “thought” or “reasoning,” because it’s nothing more than an odd sort of pattern-matching that requires no actual thought or reasoning at all.

Leftists are simply not capable of reasoning. If they were, they would not be leftists. As John C. Wright has said, they are sane people exquisitely trained to mimic the behavioral patterns of the insane: thinking people trained to substitute unthinking caricature and stereotype for observation and empathy.

As someone who is invested in education, I find this academic woo-woo indoctrination infuriating. To lay waste to children’s minds – when most children have NO defense from such abuse of authority! – is an extremely grave crime. (In this way I understand the vitriol which some atheists hold religious parents who train their children in their faith. I feel the same way about Marxist mal-educators.)

Of course, this behavior provides an endless source of amusement sometimes as well – like a recent Sargon of Akkad video in which Sargon defends his identity as a British liberal in the “classical individual liberty” sense to the Progressives who’ve pidgeonholed him as a rightwing conservative shill. (LOL) Because there are only two templates in a leftist’s mind: One of Us, and The Evil Conservative Other. And if you actually think for yourself, well, that makes you an Evil Conservative, obviously!

A mind is a terrible thing to waste.


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