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So I was reading this post on the Presidential campaign, and scrolled down to catch a few of the comments, where a discussion about “who would win a fight?” had broken out. (It appeared to me that this is the politics-obsessed version of the “Who would win a fight, Batman or Spiderman?” thing in comics-fandom.)

But one thing that really jumped out at me was the sheer number of people who were arguing for their favorite as if the Presidential candidates in question were going to step into a boxing ring and duke it out.

What? How… I mean, the point is obvious, isn’t it? The matchups aren’t about “character stats” and rolling dice for a critical hit like a D&D game. Arguing who would win in a REAL fight is not the point. Presidential candidates do not literally fight each other.

Politics is not about reality. It is about perception. 

Everyone whose campaign strategy focuses on facts and figures, peer-reviewed studies and policy wonkery ends up having their butts whupped in the ballot box. All that matters in the election is what the electorate believes. 

Not actually a bee, but nobody cares about that when it suddenly appears on their person.


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