I’ve been microaggressed!

“People-first language” is such bullshit. In ENGLISH we put ADJECTIVES before NOUNS. This is how our language works.


Example of hideous writing taken straight from the Wiki article on this illiterate idiocy: “people who ride bicycles rather than bicyclists.” May you be bludgeoned to death by an entire shelf of hardback dictionaries falling on your head, you language-raping monster. How could you commit this heinous crime against your mother tongue?!

If you are offended by proper syntax, then you are a deliberately illiterate moron. Not a person of diminished intelligence lacking in lingual education. AN ILLITERATE MORON. Whose dictionary-bludgeoned corpse should be skinned with the stiffened pages of a thesaurus, stuffed, and mounted in a public library to warn other “social justice” language police what happens when you cross the grammar nazis. WE are the ones who police language use. According to proper rules. Not you. NEVER. YOU.  If there were any justice in the world, anyone caught using “person first language” would immediately be disowned by every school he ever attended, right down to his preschool, and hounded out of polite society until he learned to speak properly and respectfully of his mother tongue instead of drenching her in stupid leftwing thought-police manure.

And people wonder why American students keep getting dumber… the schools are graduating illiterate students ON PURPOSE!


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