The Hugo Awards: Your Waifu is Trash edition

Wow. Just wow.

I’d add “I can’t even” but that wouldn’t be accurate: watching the TruFen villagers burn down their own village out of spite was EXACTLY what the Rabid Puppies thought they would do. It was the Sad Puppies who were all starry-eyed idealists who thought that the institution of the Hugo Awards was respected by the Worldcon community: Rabid Puppies knew damn well that the insider clique would be willing to straight-up lie to all the low-information voters. When a trusted leader of your community tells you that an Evil Slate has taken over certain categories and all the works therein are terribly crafted – and moreover, written by racist gay-bashing woman-hating white males – what are you going to do? Be skeptical and read your voter packet anyway (well, the bits you can fit in around the panels during a convention), or trust your community leader and vote No Award like a good member of the Outrage Mob?

Seriously. Half of eligible voters for the Hugo Awards don’t even bother to vote; what proportion of those 3,500 No Award voters even read the works in question? After their community leaders made it a point of pride to NOT read the nominated works?

Most people are idiots, so of course the slate-voting for No Award won, even if that meant throwing talented women editors under the bus at the behest of a cohort of aging white males… who just happen to be competitors. The “slates are bad, so vote our slate for No Award in these categories” position is pretty much 100% hypocritical as far as I can tell – leading lights of the sci-fi community have come out and admitted that there have been hush-hush Hugo slates before (and the voting records in past years proves this was both tolerated and successful) so the only difference this year is that a suggestions list was published publicly. Oh, and it included people outside the insider clique. Therefore to preserve the integrity of a fan award, “fans” should vote without reading the entries? Hmm.

The fallback defense of “Your nominations weren’t award-worthy anyway!” is a little too try-hard, imo. This is the community that awards works like “If you were a dinosaur” and “The Day the World Turned Upside Down.” If that excrement is award-worthy there are zero technical grounds for any Hugo voter to disqualify anything as not being well-written: it all comes back to a matter of taste, and the fact that a certain group of fans who do not represent mainstream science fiction has a strangle-hold on what purported to be all of fandom’s award. Proof: they voted Jim Butcher below No Award. The man is way more successful than Scalzi, but Scalzi gets a Hugo and Jim Butcher is cast into outer darkness? Not to mention Guardians of the Galaxy was also a slate nominee, but it was okay to vote for that one category but not any of the others? (I’m guessing the reason for that is most people would have seen the movies already, and therefore the No Award organizers knew that smearing those slate works as worthless dreck wouldn’t work.)

Well, here’s my opinion.

Dear WorldCon: your waifu is trash. I understand you feel the same about my waifu, too. We’ll see you next year. And the year after that. And the year after that, too, until the travesty that you’ve made the Hugo Awards is repaired – which it will be, no matter how long you can desperately hold on and declare victory amid the ashes of your own arson. Burning down a corrupt edifice only clears the ground for the rebuilders – and that’s us. I’m looking forward to it.


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One Response to The Hugo Awards: Your Waifu is Trash edition

  1. Cirsova says:

    My favorite part was the old white guy making fun of an eastern religion as a running gag. Progressive Hugos for the win!

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