Evil defending evil

So, of course the people who make their living by sacrificing babies to Moloch do not actually roast the tiny corpses alive: oh no, in today’s society their organs are harvested for illegal sale.

Planned Parenthood kills babies and sells their organs. Quite a lot of minority babies. Low-income babies. The unwanted offspring of the “undesirables” of society.

I don’t even have words to describe that level of evil, you know. Margaret Sanger must be very proud, in whatever fiery circle of Hell she currently inhabits. Of course it’s perfectly logical not to waste the “tissue” after you’ve ripped it from its mother’s womb, if you think babies aren’t real people who deserve protecting.

Check the comments for “m4” defending the evil of abortion– the banal face of evil, displaying “moral superiority” as if the topic wasn’t murdering human beings as a form of contraception –  shilling for the necessity of legal abortion in the case of physical danger to the mother’s health.

Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Are there really people THAT BLOODY STUPID? What kind of doctors will refuse to terminate ectopic pregnancies? Where are the lists of documented cases of pregnant women dying because medical professionals refused to save their lives because the treatment would endanger their unborn children? And, uh, you know, if the mother dies, the baby dies too, a point which escapes the ignorant sluts who think elective abortion has to be legal in order to permit a doctor to save a mother’s life, even if that saving may result in the death of her unborn child. A medical procedure, performed to save the life of the mother, that unfortunately results in the death of the unborn child, is NOT an elective abortion. And anyone with the merest hint of intellectual honesty knows that the pro-life position is against elective abortion. Not medical treatments necessary to save the life of a pregnant woman that have “terminates pregnancy” as a side-effect. Even the Catholics – you know, those “religious nutcases” that ban contraceptives as illicit? Except, of course, in the case that a pregnancy would kill the wife! – understand the difference between doing what you must to save one life rather than losing both, and killing infants on purpose and for no other reason than “I don’t want to have this child that I created.”

Pro-abortion-by-choice is pro-murder. End of story, no excuses from ignorant sluts. But I’m not terribly shocked that people who kill infants see no problem with creating a nice little lucrative organ-selling biz on the side. If killing these humans is already legal, what’s the problem with selling their organs afterwards? Or making lampshades with their skins, or whatever, really? If it’s all just “unwanted tissue” there’s no reason to be squeamish.

Humans being humans, I’m wondering when the “repeat customers” start demanding a little kickback for providing all the “valuable merchandise” – and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it were already happening.


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3 Responses to Evil defending evil

  1. Foxfier says:

    Every once in a while they’ll have stories about how a Catholic hospital refused to treat a woman because it could hurt the baby– when you dig deeper, it’s almost always that she was there for treatment, it could hurt the baby, so she demanded an (direct) abortion and they refused.

    The other flavor I’ve run into is where the doctor who did the abortion claims the mother “could” have died if he hadn’t (which is technically true for all pregnancies) and the related “woman died because Catholic hospital refused abortion.” Actual story, they found a doctor who says she might have had a better outcome if there’d been an abortion, usually is in conjunction with a lawsuit.

    Finding the additional information can be very, very hard– usually only comes out when the credentials of the doctor promoting abortion turn out to be really bad.

    • pancakeloach says:

      “she might have had a better outcome if there’d been an abortion”

      As if women haven’t died from having abortions!

      • Foxfier says:

        We both know that’s true, but it’s a story that will work pretty well to get money awarded by a jury, and it’s a useful hammer for the “sex without any unwanted results” movement.

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