Fainting Victorian Damsels

Mr. Wright’s comments on several delicate personalities working themselves up into a froth of hysteria over non-existent threats is worth reading. (Click through the links to the Vox Day post as well, for more amusement!)

Nags and termagants indeed. It’s almost as if women need to be protected from the harsh realities of the workaday world! Quick, we must ensure that no woman ever works in any position which might expose her to criticism from unhappy customers! This will, of course, result in all the women employees being assigned to night-shift truck unloading and janitorial services while the male night-shift truck unloaders and janitors take over positions like customer service and manager, but no sacrifice is too much when it comes to protecting frail flowers of femininity!

Oh, look: when you criticize a girl, she cries.

woman, on the other hand, behaves in a professional manner: she doesn’t insult her employer’s customers or cry when receiving criticism.


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