I think I’m supposed to be reading more of the Related Works Hugo category stuff, but at the moment I’m not that interested in nonfiction. However, having looked at the remaining pieces of the voter packet, I seem to have saved the most-anticipated for last: Riding the Red Horse and Transhuman and Subhuman. I’ve probably read all or nearly all of T&S before on John Wright’s blog, actually.

In any case, my procrastination of the “assigned” reading has lead me to read 1632 and Live Free or Dieand I have to say I quite enjoyed both. I’m afraid that, coming out of the fantasy genre as I did, most “hard” or “milsf” had never really appealed when I’d read the covers of the books at the library. But I think my tastes are broadening. Which means there’s probably a lot of good stuff out there that I haven’t read yet. Yay!

Oh, and I also read American Ghoulwhich was entertaining. I do love a story in which sociopathic murderers get what’s coming to them at the hands of the protagonist. Thumbs up!

I even picked up the sequel to 1632 at the library. I may even go so far as to hunt for hardcopy at the used book store, since I suspect J will like it. The Troy Rising trilogy is all at the library, too – but it appears that American Ghoul doesn’t have anything more out yet.


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