Four vs six

I really, really want a bigger fish tank for my cichlids.

A 125 gallon, six-footer, to be precise.

This isn’t to say that I’m not happy with my four-foot 75 gallon tank – not in the least! But it’s a matter of aesthetic scale. My planted tank is four feet long, 2/3rds as wide as the 75, and has a good number of much smaller tropical community fish as tank inhabitants. Other than the 5″ pleco, the largest fish there is perhaps barely 3″ long. The one-to-sixteen length ratio gives a very pleasing sense of space. (I realize that to attain this ratio with a fish that reaches 6″ at adulthood would require me to have a 240 gallon eight-footer, but I figure I need to step up slowly to that level. And move into a different house where the main living space is located on the ground floor.)

“Multiple tank syndrome” is a common ailment among the aquarium hobbyist community, but J is having none of that. So my only hope for more water is to convince him to let me go bigger! 😀 I’ll have to bide my time, though. Maybe wait a couple years until we get our ducks in order and move out to the country. I might actually manage to convince him to let me get an 8-foot tank if I can find a sweet secondhand deal and have somebody else move it!


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