Vacation Chaos!

I’ve just returned yesterday from a pilgrimage to the headquarters of the Evil League of Evil, deep in a volcano in Italy….

Actually, though I was in Italy, a minor faceless minion such as myself did not dare bother the Dark Lord Vox, since he’s a busy person and my husband had booked our itinerary based on his inexhaustible energy for seeing ALL THE HISTORY. Now I need a vacation from my vacation. Especially after having caught the Tourist Cold that everyone seemed to have in public transit.

I left my smartphone at home, since it wouldn’t work to make calls in Europe, but this turned out to be a mistake due to two-factor identification locking me out of my email and my phone’s lackadaisical custodian failing to find a way to turn it off. Thanks for nothing, Microsoft. Nothing super important happened that I would have been able to do anything about anyhow, but I did miss it for basic internet-reading access. I brought a dead-tree book on the trip, but my husband promptly stole it aboard the aircraft when I was looking the other way and kept possession throughout the trip. (LOL)

I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate airports. And flying on a trans-Atlantic flight with your movie screen out of commission is very boring. I can’t manage to sleep on planes anymore, it’s just too uncomfortable. Especially on the way back, when we all had colds – but at least during that flight, the movie screens were working. I watched Interstellar, which was excellent!

Now I have to get my house back in order after spending three weeks away. Nothing irreplaceable died and no major appliances seem to have gone haywire, so that’s good. I lost some baby fish to jury-rigged equipment failure that I would have been able to prevent if I had been home (sadface) – I believe it happened just two days or so before our scheduled return, so I believe my fish-sitters wouldn’t have come over and noticed something off, since everything is automated (the most maintenance-intensive thing can go for about 4 days at a stretch). Livestock-raising is not compatible with long vacations. The adult fish did just fine, and the school of tank babies increased while we were gone, so it’s a setback but not a huge loss. The planted tank did the best, I think – all the new plants have grown in so it’s a lush forest that actually needs some trimming! That’s not going to happen soon, though. Other things are higher priority – like laundry and food.


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