Hugo Reading: A Single Samurai

As far as I know, this story isn’t available for free online anywhere, but Baen is a generous publisher so I’m sure it will be available in the voter packet. I actually own the anthology containing this story – just hadn’t gotten far enough in it to have read it before it was nominated. By people other than myself, in case anyone is wondering.

Well. It’s very… Asian-flavored. My favorite quote about Asian movies goes something like this: “Like King Lear, only more depressing.” And I happen to be a fan of anime like Mononoke, in which (invariably) a lot of (deserving) people die, too.

Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh. It lacks a certain lyrical quality that the best shorts possess. I could overlook the story type not being my favorite if the prose “sparkled” more. I’m not even sure how to describe sparkly prose, though – obviously I have not studied enough Lit courses.


Suicide Is Always The Answer. I’m pretty sure this qualifies as an Asian Dead Horse Trope.


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