The promised photograph

moonlight moss done

Okay, no, it’s not very good so I probably owe some better pictures. But it took a long time to wrap all that moss and HC on there with thread. Tying knots in sewing thread around knobbly driftwood with damp fingers is finicky. 

I went out to nearly all the local pet shops and scored a chunk of Texas holey rock for the grow-out tank, but no suitable piece of driftwood to incorporate into the scape to hide the filter equipment. Maybe the bolbitis will grow thicker and hide it? I’d love it if the coffeefolia anubias grew thicker but a leaf fell off when I was handling the driftwood – hoping that’s not a sign of rhizome rot. The crypts in the middle should eventually start growing straight and tall again if my calcium supplementation works.

And having looked at my previous aquascape that was actually pretty good (from three years ago, I’ve been ill longer than I thought, apparently) I’m now wondering what it would look like if I interweaved the two branches to make a large focal point. Telling myself not to fiddle more right now with it, though – that would be a major rescape on top of a major rescape and this layout ought to have a couple months to grow in before I decide to tear things up again. I don’t know how the new LED light fixture is going to affect the plants (it’s off in this shot, just a Floramax 48″ bulb on in the picture, which is why it’s so dim). I want to go “Dutch influence” with this scape rather than “island” anyway – see if I can’t get some livebearer fry. There is one in there, I spotted it when I was moving things around!


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