MLP:FIM SEASON 5! Episodes 1&2, “Cutie Markless”

So, I was reading this post on The Other McCain (unrelated) and in the comments, Wombat-socho left a link to the season premier of FIM S5! I was soooooooo happy to see that we pony fans finally get Season Five… I should have been checking Equestria Daily more often, I guess! I would have thought somebody on my FB feed would have mentioned it, but if they did, I didn’t see it in my feed.

It. Is. AMAZING. I mean, I know the show’s creators are tuned in to the adult fan segment, particularly the way the show has appealed to the most marginalized, criticized, and mocked people on the internet: low-social-status, nerdy males. But this went way beyond a few jokes slipped into a simple kid’s show.

I’m tellin’ ya, they must have been paying attention to things like GamerGate and SJW bullying, because the theme of the season five pilot is that EQUALITY IS A FALSE PROMISE promoted by LYING HYPOCRITES AMASSING POWER FOR THEIR OWN EGOS. Mmm now what does that remind me of? Looks like the Hegemony of the SJW is forming some serious cracks if a kid’s show on network TV is willing to buck their rule!

That’s pretty heavy stuff for a show ostensibly targeted towards six-year-old girls. And they handled it really well, too, showing the allure of the “nice” surface of conformity – and the iron hoof of informants, brainwashing, and fear that lies under the surface. (Not to mention, the town is ugly, and their food is bad. Because nobody is allowed to be better at anything than anyone else – so of course, everything sucks!)

Hugo Awards 2016, Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form). I’m telling you now, I’m going to nominate it. Maybe Kate Paulk the Impaler might be willing to put it on SP4. (If you haven’t read her ConVent book series, I highly recommend them! Vampires and all.)


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