Differences offend Feminist

Also, the sun rose this morning.

Seen on Facebook: 10 Words Every Girl Should Learn, essentially an extended whining session about how Some People Are Jerks!!! and statistically women get interrupted more often.

Feminist wants women to be treated like high-status males goddesses. Yawn.

Here’s the thing: men treat men differently than men treat women. Women treat women differently than women treat men. This is due to BIOLOGY, not just socialization. Not only that, but sex-based differences in socialization posed no handicap to the rise of civilization on earth.

Ergo? Differences in the way people treat each other are not some kind of social problem. If people are being jerks, then they’re being jerks. Studying self-selecting groups like the patients of male and female doctors to prove something about sexism? Those are not equivalent groups! You’d have to follow the patients to see the true levels of “sexism” – because the patients who want to have more input in their health care may prefer a cooperative woman, and the patients who want to sit down, shut up, and do what they’re told may prefer a brusque man.

There are a lot of narcissistic jerks in society, and if feminists want to be taken seriously, maybe they should do comparisons of low-status men and the way that women interact with them rather than their endless penis-envy studies of high-status men. Because you know what? If a man builds a business, it is his right to have a “masculine” culture of communication in that business. And if a woman builds a business, she can have a feminine culture of communication. And the employees can choose which environment they prefer, rather than demanding that the business change to suit them!

Just like patients choose what kind of doctor they prefer: one that will be brusque and commanding, or one who will be more approachable and cooperative.


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7 Responses to Differences offend Feminist

  1. Foxfier says:

    I don’t care about the sex of my doctors– except for by OB/GYN being a man, and I’m kind of partial to male pediatricians.


    Because I am sick of getting nasty personal comments from someone that I am paying because I had more than two children, giving me lectures of “trying for a boy” (because I wasn’t planning to be sterilized after #3– two older sisters) or trying to pressure me into sterilization on philosophical grounds because we “finally have a boy.”

    It’s bad enough from total strangers, I am not going to hire someone to be actively hostile towards not supporting voluntary human extinction, even if they dress it up as increasing my opportunity or being “good for the children.” (Actual question: ‘but how will you pay for college for all of them?’)

    I’ve had one in four male doctors that promoted sterilization on a philosophical basis; all of the female ones did, two of them being really freaking nasty about it. One of the nasty female doctors is also the one that didn’t bother to mention that when they decided to induce hard labor and it resulted in my needing a c-section, both my eldest daughter and myself nearly died. (I only found out two pregnancies later, when one of the male doctors was actually acting like he was treating an adult instead of a small and rather stupid child. My husband went through the roof, because they hadn’t bothered to mention it to him, either. While we can understand wanting to protect a business from lawsuits, that’s kind of important medical information.)

    The only doctors that could be bothered to communicate about actual medical concerns and considerations have been male, and I’ve actually ended up having better pregnancy advice in the smalltalk with my pediatrician than with the doctors. (He’s a father of six.)

    My point:
    Those female doctors probably considered themselves very communicative and empowering; they were delightful, so long as I was wanting exactly what their philosophy required me to want.

    • pancakeloach says:

      Yeah, those female doctors sound exactly like the kind of women the author of the article wants to create! Total bitches nobody can stand to be around, in other words.

      I was “shopping around” for a new doctor and found a male doctor who was attentive and cooperative, where the female doctor I’d seen before that was dismissive and uninterested. Yeah. I’m not interested paying for attitude, either!

      • Foxfier says:

        The doctor I really want has, unfortunately, passed away– she retired from the military and became a bush doctor. Then she became one of the Raider’s team doctors. Then she retired again.. and ended up running the hospital when I was a kid, doing bush-medicine on the local farmers.

        Someone who you can trust when she says “you can’t do that,” rather than trying to figure out if they mean “you can’t do that,” “that will not work with the way I want to treat you,” “that violates my philosophy” or “that sounds like you could get hurt and sue me.”

        I can take dismissive, and I know it’d be good for me to find someone strong headed… but they’ve got to be someone worth trusting, first, and that’s hard to find. So I settle for “professional.” (And dumped the one that tried to argue theology with me. They’ve got to be pretty bad when you celebrate military medicine as an alternative.)

      • Foxfier says:

        Forgot to say, in that mass of verbage– sorry, I have a really hard time being concise when I’m tired– that it’s rather horrifying that the author of that piece you liked thinks that having manners is being “subservient.”

        Makes me twitch a bit and wish her– for a short time, with protections against personal harm– into a society that isn’t as massively, reflexively polite as ours. Where being rude gets you hurt.
        It’s like the folks who think they’re brave for spitting on a Marine who is on guard duty, when it’s incredibly unlikely that the Marine will do anything to them.

  2. pancakeloach says:

    Indeed, the author does give me the impression that she thinks being polite is synonymous with being socially inferior. There is a difference between groups having dominant and retiring members as a natural occurrence whenever a large enough group assembles, and painting women as fainting wallflowers unable to cope whenever they’re mixed with men because of the Evul Patriarchy – but then, using the statistical results of human personalities interacting naturally to paint women as weak and unable to handle Evil Male Aggression is what feminists spend their entire lives doing!

    For instance, the study showing that girl students will do classwork themselves in a single-sex environment but will take on a helping rather than active role when paired with a male could just as easily be interpreted to show that girls are more cunning than boys and regularly con the hapless males into doing all the difficult work for them! But that would require a worldview that sees females as persons with fully-formed agency who will behave in certain ways to get what they want depending on their circumstances, instead of helpless, passive victims incapable of independent thought in the presence of a male.

    • Foxfier says:

      Oooh, or that girls on average like tokens of affection– be it service or a flower, if you can get someone to do a thing for you it suggests they value you.

      Or that boys are weak-willed when it comes to girls.

      Or that guys are too macho to ask for help, so they assume anyone who shows any weakness really needs the help.

      Or… there’s probably more.

      • pancakeloach says:

        Yup! More, and in interesting combos!

        The thing about academics studying human behavior is that academics rarely understand normal humans, and don’t like it when they do. Their pet theories are so much simpler and easier to turn into Righteous Causes!

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