Chocolate Pecan Pie

King Arthur Flour has some really excellent recipes – particularly this one, for Chocolate Pecan Pie. I’m of Yankee stock, so the Southern recipe that seems to involve excessively copious amounts of congealed sugar syrup under a layer of nuts doesn’t much appeal to me. This version is more like a fudge-chocolate chip cookie pie, with pecans. I started out making it with semisweet chips, but this time I used about 1/3 bittersweet instead, and it’s very good with the darker chocolate! It’s very rich, so serve it with whipped cream or ice cream.

Now I need to go back to running around in circles trying to figure out how to prioritize the pile of chores by what needs to be done just to keep the whole Rube Goldberg machine of a household running smoothly, and prepping for the time-sensitive Spring Cleaning jobs that will start next week!


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