Hugo Reading: status update

I did indeed read “The Journeyman: Against the Green” and the green was indeed green people. +1 for John Carter of Mars similarities! lol I don’t think I’ll nominate it, even though I enjoyed it – as a standalone piece it’s mostly about medieval/early firearm military tactics and battles, which is certainly entertaining but not quiiiiiiiiiiiite what I have in mind as representative of “year’s best” in sci-fi.

Then I picked up Trial by Fire, noticed it was a sequel, and successfully found Fire with Fire on the teeny-tiny shoebox library bookshelves. Which means I now have a lot of novels to read!

As for the rest of the short works, I’ll be occasionally checking to see if more become easily obtainable, but with ten days left before nominations close, I’m gonna get cracking on novels so I can finish them in time.

Note to publishers: I really am not willing to shell out for an entire subscription/anthology/whatever when all I’m really interested in is one story. The technology exists to “unbundle” pieces and sell them separately. Pleeeeeeeeease consider this. Authors too. I’ll pay $3 for a story I’m reasonably certain will be good, but not $10 for a bunch of stories that might mostly be totally uninteresting to me along with the only one I want. I’ve bought anthologies before, but not many at all compared to individual works.


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