Clothing styles, apology

To anyone got the impression that I think that people who wear any outfit that I don’t personally approve of are somehow doing something morally wrong, I apologize.

I meant to say something more specific, which Malcolm informs me got buried under a lot of excess and confusing wordage: if wearing a particular type of clothing is putting your child in extreme distress due to bullying, you might want to consider ways to ameliorate that bullying, even if that means rethinking your comfort zone (not your morality!) such as where you socialize or what exact type of clothing you require your children to wear.

If you choose to stand out from the unbelieving world as a display of your sincere and earnest desire to glorify God, I salute you.

I also may be guilty of plagiarizing Malcolm’s paraphrasing, but I hope he takes it as the compliment it’s meant to be! (Is that clear enough???)


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One Response to Clothing styles, apology

  1. I do take it as a compliment, so thank you, and I think it’s good you wrote this.

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