Girl post – clothing example

I figured I might as well post a picture of a couple of my current favorite “winter” pieces, which I chose specifically to have a long-skirted feminine outfit to replace wearing jeans this winter. So if clothing bores you to tears or you have a violent allergic reaction to badly-taken selfies (I do not have much practice) feel free to skip over.

Both shirt and skirt were purchased this fall from a discount “designer clothes” retail store, specifically to wear for work. I’m more likely to wear jeans or sweats when I’m alone around the house doing messy chores. That makes these the most up-to-date things I’ve got in the closet! The lighting’s bad and the camera’s not good and the model’s not up to runway snuff (haha) but I wanted to catch the light on the texture of the skirt – I’ve gotten more admiring comments about it than anything else that I can remember recently, usually along the lines of “that looks so warm!” Maxi-length skirts are popular lately, though I have no idea why. And this one coordinates pretty well with a lot of the tops in my wardrobe. Ugly “Ugg” style boots are my new favorite shoes – because they’re lined with fleece and keep my feet warm in the cold weather we’ve been having!


This is not actually an “official” combo, even though both pieces are favorites – they get paired up with different, older portions of the wardrobe, but I was not about to spend time taking more photos when I could just snap a pic of both at once! The main problems with this particular matchup are (1) it’s too monochromatic and (2) that shirt is too long for a maxi skirt. The shirt usually gets paired with one of my shorter skirts, and I’ll wear shorter, more colorful tops with the maxi skirt. Although now that I’m thinking of it (and wishing fashion styles were other than they are) a sufficiently broad and colorful belt might make it acceptable for public wear by adding color and breaking up the looooooong effect. A beanpole body type can pull off “long” but short, not-skinny-enough me definitely shouldn’t try! (There’s a good reason why I’m standing half-sideways, and not just because the lighting and the mirror are not properly aligned for artificial-light photography!)

Oh yeah, you bet that’s a vanity shot of the hair, too. Thirty-six inches, measured from hairline to end over the back of my head (standard method on a long-hair forum I’ve visited) as of yesterday. It was longer before college, so I’m still tenderly growing it out from foolish haircut decisions! I wore it loose today too, because J admired it after it dried straight instead of in its usual practical braid. The waves are from the Dutch braid that prevents me from being strangled and J from being smothered in the night, as well as minimizing tangles. I normally bun it with a Lilla Rose Flexi clip – I have to use mega, their largest size, but it holds well enough that I can literally twist-clip-and-go if I’m in a hurry and don’t need it to stay up all day. French braiding an anchor or using additional bobby or spin pins is necessary to hold it for more than a few hours.

Closeup of the neckline of the sweater:


Since I am not overly endowed in the chest area and excessively endowed in the hips (diet in progress, but the pear shape is a family inheritance), I especially like sweaters that incorporate cowling to maintain visual balance and attract attention upwards towards the face, and I’m quite fond of boatneck lines – and this shirt has both, as well as a neat texture! The Internet informs me that statement earrings are usually worn with such tops; I don’t have a good collection yet though as I’m very picky about buying things. I have an assortment of small studs, and go about hoping the hair counts as a statement! Especially with something sparkly like this in it.

compass rose flexi

Also doubles as a deadly weapon in case somebody needs stabbing. JUST KIDDING. Don’t stab anyone.


And now, of course, I have an actual example I can link to of what I chose last time I shopped for the Culture Wars. Not that it really helps people outside of my local area as far as specifics – my work involves tutoring UMC kids in the greater metro suburbs of District One (Hunger Games reference) so someone in a different cultural context will no doubt have different “clothing languages” to navigate, as well as their own personal style requirements to incorporate.


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2 Responses to Girl post – clothing example

  1. Jenny says:

    I’m a big fan of my Uggs also. Nothing can beat how warm and comfortable they are. I hate wearing skirts in winter, but love wearing them when the weather is nice. Will only pull my skirts out for church if it’s freezing out. Your hair looks so pretty in the picture!

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