Book Rec: Hyperspace Demons

Today and tomorrow there’s some free stuff over at Castalia House! But to get to the story Hyperspace Demonsyou’ll have to pay three bucks. I figure, five works for three bucks is pretty darn good, yeah?

Definitely recommending it. Totally worth $3. At 60 pages, I can’t really give you an in-depth review without revealing things that I shouldn’t, so you’ll just have to take my word for it (or not): it’s a good read. IN SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE. There, now you have to read it. 😉

Now, I say “book” but it’s actually a novella; something to read in a single sitting, less than two hours if your reading speed is similar to mine.

Yes, I am supposed to be doing my SP3 Hugo reading, and I am totally procrastinating on that. Ahem: I already read Skin Game, when it came out. I actually bought it on Kindle rather than waiting for a library copy. *searches memory* Oh yeah, it was good. Okay, I’ll vote for it to receive a nomination. Tada, done with a whole novel! /innocent face


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