Minimum wage

Click over to Cedar Sanderson’s blog, at a guest post called Blue Collar American.

The part I want to pull out for further emphasis is this one:

Nor, do I suspect, would consumers stand for it.

Exactly. In a world where social media is powerful enough to get people fired – incredibly high-ranking people like Mozilla’s Brendan Eich – companies really cannot engage in terrible exploitation of their workers without setting themselves up for backlash. The internet is going to find out.

Recall the Chick-Fil-A brouhaha over what kind of charities the company was supporting. Really? Charities? (Well, this was an SJW culture war offensive.) If people can – with nothing more than the freedom of speech and the power multiplier of the internet – convince a corporation to carefully police what charities it donates to, the public can most certainly use a company’s reputation as leverage to keep those heartless capitalists from exploiting the poor workers.

If they’re willing to do so. Social Justice WarriorsWhiners are the kinds of people who will complain bitterly about political and charitable donations for the sake of some group primarily oppressed by their own mental illness, and ignore the actual people who need help.

For instance, there’s a certain retail practice wherein a low-wage worker – who only gets part-time hours and no benefits, you understand – is required to be on call so that the company can call them in on a whim and send them home on a whim, so that the store has enough people working to handle the rush hours and can send the extra people home during slow hours and not have to pay them.

Which would be fine, if it operated the way the substitute teacher system does – the county trains a large pool of potential subs and then has a system call down the appropriate list in the morning whenever they have a need for a sub because a teacher called out sick, until one of the subs takes the job. If you happen to not be available that particular day, no sweat – the system just calls the next person in line.

That’s not what these stores – grocery stores in particular – are doing. They’re telling these part-time low-wage workers to sit around twiddling their thumbs waiting to be called in, basically.

The problem with this system is obvious. If you are making demands on a person’s time, you had damn well better be paying them appropriate compensation for it. If you’re only giving part time employment then you need to give those part-timers reliable hours so that they can go out and snag a second part-time job to make up the difference. Obviously if the workers are required to be available whenever the first job calls them in, and they never know for sure when that’s going to be, they can’t get a second job – especially if the other companies are using the same system!

The people working these jobs (aside from kids just entering the workforce, still living at home on parental support, and working there temporarily just to learn the “employed” ropes) are the lower SEC types that “social justice” ought to be concerned about – they’re doing very low-skill labor, probably don’t have a lot of education, possibly immigrants, and/or people on various social welfare programs that allow some work. They’re likely to be paycheck-to-paycheck people teetering on the edge of falling into the social safety net. (Which is sticky, but that’s a different issue.)

But instead of taking a hard look at how some retail corporations are mismanaging their labor pool (I mean really these phone systems to call down lists have existed for years! It’s not a new technology and you could probably have an app for it now, too!) the SJWs prefer to make a fuss over donations to charity or political campaigns that don’t meet their own preferred criteria. And then they campaign for politicians to “fix” the problems the politicians created in the first place instead of actually looking at why people can’t get good-paying jobs.

Looking forward to reading that promised upcoming series on deregulation!


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