The Real Sexism in Modern Christianity

Every so often, a feminist gets her thong in a twist because certain Christian denominations refuse to depart from the Biblical teaching that says women don’t lead men. Institutional power is reserved for qualified men, and qualified men alone. Feminists complain about sexism and patriarchy, as if a church is some kind of social club whose rules should change based on what everybody feels like doing this week. (Well, some groups calling themselves churches do act like that, so the confusion might be genuine.)

But the real sexism in mainstream Christian culture is the refusal of church leaders to treat women like responsible adults. Which means warning them about sin.

In particular, this refusal to hold women accountable – and even to praise women who make sinful choices, as Dalrock has previously recounted – is very likely causing young women to stumble. Rather than hearing unequivocal condemnation of fornication, adultery, and divorce, they hear popular Christian speakers praising single moms as heroes. Even “patriarchal” movements fail women in this regard by ignoring their need for right instruction, and blaming men for all women’s failures.

Patronizing women is not loving Christian behavior. Treating women like angels when they are steeped in sin does them no favors at all. Tickling sinners’ ears with what they want to hear might fill the pews, but it’s not the “Christian” thing to do. Popular culture tells women to immerse themselves in all kinds of “empowering” sinful behavior. That’s an extremely strong pull for the sex that feels the need to conform to its peer group – especially when it’s providing convenient rationalizations for every temptation a woman might feel.

Stop. Patronizing. Women.

Women aren’t sinless angels by nature, any more than men are. Leaving women to continue in sin without calling them to repentance? How can anyone think that leaving women to be deceived by Satan a good thing? 


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