Recognizing public abuse

The problem is, maradydd’s attempt requires the feminists and social-justice warriors she is addressing to fundamentally be about justice and inclusion, enough so that it is possible to change their behavior by appealing to those values. But that’s not what I see what I look at those people. What I see is thin rationalizations over bullying, dominance games, and an endless scream of monkey rage. –ESR

Not only is it important to totally reject Social Justice terminology and their entire paradigm (which, if you actually do the research, is absolutely appalling to any decent person) but as Vox Day points out, to rally around the target of their abuse, even if you feel their target is personally distasteful.

Consider Charlie Hebdo. Many people found their deliberately provocative cartoons distasteful, but the mark of the civilized person was to say THAT DOESN’T MATTER in the face of murderous attacks and the cowards who said “well, they had it coming,” – the civilized stood by them.

SJWs don’t go on murderous rampages (although their rhetoric has inspired at least one attempted mass shooting, so maybe there should be a “yet” qualifier there) but they use the same shaming and fear tactics. They use shaming in order to weaponize other people’s decency against them. Normal people don’t want to go around offending others inadvertently, so the SJW perfects a skin as thin as a single molecule and contrives to be offended at pretty much anything – often randomly, for maximum fear inducement. The real fear in their targets comes when they have sufficient control over various industries that they can literally get people fired and blacklisted in an attempt to ruin their lives for transgressing the Social Justice paradigm. Then they don’t even need to explicitly threaten people with “see what happened to him?” – people will keep quiet in the face of their screaming because they know SJWs have the ability to ruin their lives.

Attempting to turn these tactics around on SJWs and convince them to stop terrorizing people fails because the SJW activist doesn’t actually have any decency, so shaming them for failing to live up to their claimed standards doesn’t work. The claimed standards are a lie, anyway – the rhetoric about inclusion and equality is just a smokescreen to be deployed like a squid’s inkcloud when someone points out that they’re actually acting like hateful bigots. Push through the smokescreen a little and you find out that the SJWs use their own definitions of “bigotry,” etc., such that no SJW can ever be guilty of badthink when they go on one of their bullying sprees. Having codified SJW principles into government law regarding employment (and remember, they’ll lie like rugs to get their way), they’re not really afraid of getting fired, either – so the only way to deal with them is total exclusion.

It’s important to remember, when you see one of these emotional abusers in action, being given mainstream media coverage, that (a) they’re lying about basically everything including their own principles, and (b) they’re trying to manipulate you into joining a hate mob – or at least standing silently by watching from behind the window-curtains while they riot, in the hope that they’ll be satisfied with destroying someone else and not coming after you. This time.

Don’t let the abusers win.


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