Reading lists

An amusing post details what it’s like at the meetings of the Evil League of Evil

And I am WAY behind on my reading list. I got books for Christmas that I haven’t even STARTED YET (and strangely, the universe did not end over this travesty). I need to tweak my time allocations and start getting that non-internet reading stuff done!

Anyway, as a person qualified for Hugo nominating (bwahahaha), who hates doing her own research because she’s lazy, I will certainly appreciate the various publishers and authors making available lists of which of their works are eligible for the nominations. I really sincerely do not pay attention to when a book was published, with the exception of that one time on vacation last year when I picked up a bunch of A.E. van Vogt yellow-with-age paperbacks at a library booksale and found it really interesting to see what year they were published.

And also I’m curious as to whether a fan-work published on a website like would possibly qualify, but as the several works which would definitely deserve awards have been finished for quite a while, and another one is still ongoing, I don’t have the motivation to go find out about that.


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