The Checklist

Via Insty, a response to that ridiculous “feminist boyfriend” article.

No, no, no, nonononono! Stop helping them! What are you doing?!?! If a feminist woman actually took that advice, some poor schmuck might actually end up in a relationship with her! 

Thankfully, feminists are not likely to take sensible dating advice advising them to be mature adults willing to accept the personhood and individuality of a male partner, because feminism exists so that women can behave like feral toddlers screaming ME!ME!ME! all the time and not get kicked out of polite society. However, as we’ve seen in the previous posts, there are in fact vulnerable males who are at risk for ending up in abusive relationships with feminist women like Lisa Bonos. Therefore, we should be encouraging Lisa to stick to her sparkly-unicorn-boyfriend requirements by saying things like “You go girl!” and “Never settle!” so that she can be pushing 40, single, and living with a dozen cats, like Nature intends for feminist harpies.

Allow me to provide a helpful infographic to illustrate this point.

I didn't make this, btw, it's a Demotivators poster. Check them out!

SS Feminism

Allow me to fix that for you, S.E. Cupp:

If you want a boyfriend: first, stop being a feminist.

(Guys: don’t date feminists, especially if you’re lonely and desperate. There are way more girls on the non-feminist girl tree, they’re prettier, and they aren’t trained to spit on your masculinity or define “compromise” as “you doing what I want”!)


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