Feminists are literally the worst

Feminists are literally the worst people in America – especially if you judge them by standard “social justice” metrics.

Let’s do the link roundup first:

Insty: “[Feminists are] horrible, damaged people who want to address their own problems by making other people suffer.”

Which is in reference to this Extremely Long Slate Star Codex piece, called “Untitled“. Caution: explicit reference to feminist hypocrisy, power-mongering, and general ugly hatefulness abound, complete with actual facts showing that the feminists are liars and they know it.

But you know, besides all the usual hypocrisy and naked power-grabbing going on by the feminists referenced in the above piece, all I could think about was that a man had come forward, saying that feminism nearly caused him to commit suicide, and DID cause him to beg his therapist to approve his castration, and all the feminists had was yet more social disapproval, scorn, and hate for him. (Kudos for the therapist saying no, the problem is not your heterosexuality.)

By the way, young males have the highest rates of suicide of any broad demographic in the country.


And not just the millions of murdered babies. Do you think that Scott Aaronson is the only young male who heard loud and clear feminism’s message that male = worthless monster? That heterosexual desire is to be despised and rejected? (Not even Christian ministries to “pray the gay away” are as vitriolic about homosexual desire as feminists are about male heterosexual desire.) If anti-homosexual attitudes are even partially culpable for the suicides of homosexuals, then how much more culpable must feminists be when they teach vulnerable young men who are socially awkward but otherwise perfectly nice to hate themselves so much they want to DIE? 

Feminists are monsters. Anyone who is not a monster and identifies as feminist is identifying AS A MONSTER. They need to be corrected, because all the non-monstrous people identifying as feminist are providing cover for and enabling the damaged, sociopathic bullies who form the core of feminism. As Vox Day says, “Feminism is a Satanic, anti-Christian, anti-reason, anti-science ideology that destroys literally everything it touches and everyone who embraces it. Reject it and its adherents the way you would reject someone offering you plutonium on their bare hands; to accept it is to begin to die a slow and painful death.”

Next in the roundup: a response by a female nerd, saying a lot of things I’d like to say, like “fuck you, feminists” – and pointing out how feminists also like to bully other women.

However, there’s no way for logic and reason to get through to a feminist. They are raging beasts, roaming about looking for people to devour (and if you are not any of the above, you should get out before you become one; the ideology is designed to lead you gently along the path to Hell, step by gradual step). So instead, let’s see some advice for nerds in another Insty roundup. These links – and the links in the links – are incredibly useful advice for more than just bullied nerds, so make sure to spawn those additional tabs! (Some of those links in the chain were idea-fodder for yesterday’s post, and I’ve only just got around to reading more of them myself, so go thou and also read.)

But here’s the problem: the shunning part only works for the Shy Male Nerd after he has grown up and gotten a job and moved out of the house. Which means that for his entire childhood and his most vulnerable adolescent years, he’s going to be immersed in a toxic sea of feminism, because feminism is the dominant ideology of mainstream America. What if his mother is a feminist, like the one described in the Rant of the Female Nerd, above? Kind of hard to shun your mother when you’re entirely dependent on her (and she’s probably already driven your father away or “henpecked” – the cute name for domestic abuse when a woman does it – him into a doormat).

This is where I go back to the introduction and tie in the “feminists are the worst people in the America by social justice metrics” point. Feminism is the ideology of institutional power in 2015 America. Feminists control education, from female-dominated primary schools all the way through higher education; cross feminist dogma and you’ll get in deep trouble, as Lawrence Summers found out. The head of UVA used the excuse of a false rape accusation in order to punish UVA’s fraternities for something that never happened. Kangaroo courts convened by universities routinely and blithely ruin male students’ lives – when men are already a minority in higher education. The government gives special benefits to women and convenes special task forces and institutes special social services for them – the courts even give female criminals lighter sentences. The media constantly trumpets the female-centric tenets and attitude of feminism (when they’re not fanning racial tensions) and derides anyone who dares to disagree.

Social justice warriors like to define racism as “racial prejudice plus power.” Those of us who aren’t ideologues looking to excuse the despicable behavior of protected in-groups laugh at the “plus power” part, but when you look at modern society, it is WOMEN WHO HAVE THE POWER, and particularly feminist women and their male allies (who may be amoral creeps out to use feminism for their own ends). Ordinary, non-feminist successful women get absolutely demonized for not toeing the feminist line whenever they dare to attract public attention, and any non-feminist male (as well as insufficiently servile feminist males) can count on truckloads of vitriol. Meanwhile, feminists defended the most powerful man in the world as he betrayed his wife, his daughter, his intern, and who knows how many other women in his past.

But this litany is just to point out that even by their own SocJus metric, feminists are the oppressors in today’s America. Their bigoted, sexist ideology wields power through the federal government, social welfare policies, the court system, all levels of institutional education, and corporate policy when it comes to employment or even use of social media, due to the combination of feminist regulation from the government side and fear of social media mobs on the public relations side.

Scott Alexander compares feminist bigotry to anti-Semitism in “Untitled” – if you don’t have time to read now, just skim down for the pictures of men with beards. It’s uncanny how close those images align, isn’t it? But I don’t think of feminism as patterning after anti-Semitism quite yet – especially since the beard thing is merely one small facet of masculinity that feminism attacks. I think feminists are actually more like Jim Crow Lite. After all, they’re using some of the same arguments as the KKK – and they stand for government-mandated privileges for women, and penalties for men. They haven’t actually gotten around to putting their “kill all men” or “reduce men to 10% of the population for breeding purposes” yet the way the anti-Semitic Nazis backed up their prejudices with violence, but they’ve definitely got the “institutionalized discrimination by government and society” part down pat. Thus, Jim Crow Lite.

It’s true that there are, in fact, worse ideologies running loose in the broader world today. Communism, its fraternal twin socialism, and their adopted brother Islam, for example. But I’m not convinced that feminism isn’t their little sister, just waiting until she’s all grown up and firmly grasps the levers of power before she starts outright murdering the targets of her hatred. And as far as America goes? Feminism is definitely doing the most damage.

(And now, for a tangentally related palate cleanser after peering too closely into the abyss – a modest proposal from Dalrock.)


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2 Responses to Feminists are literally the worst

  1. First off: thanks for the relink! ^.^ I appreciate it.

    In the realm of “clearly feminists do not reside in the same universe as I do,” there’s ‘jocks treat women better than nerds do.’

    Buh-what now?

    There are going to be examples of men who are jerks – in much the same way that there will be examples of women being jerks. This is regardless of what social circles they run in. Because, y’know, they’re people and there will always be people who will act like jerks – and, for the most part, the jerks are not representative of the group – save for the times when they seem to be upheld as the pillars of some…rather specific groups, which I will not name here since this isn’t the point of my comment.

    My point is, it seems that in order for feminist reality to ‘be’ they have to actively flip everything on their head to ‘prove’ it ‘exists’, even though reality says ‘what drugs are you on?’ There’s a REASON for the stereotype of the bullying jock and popular cheerleader mean girl prom queen – and for the ones who weren’t? Those people were awesome for refusing to become that.

    The thing that I find particularly egrarious about this whole ‘jocks are sooooo much nicer’ thing is, the reason why the Duke and UVa rape hoaxes were even believed were because they pandered nice and neatly to the preconceptions that (these groups) were defined to be abusive assholes.

    Hell, a current nerd guy friend of mine is raging pissed off because a female high school gal-pal was told by an ex-boyfriend jock type that ‘she should have a boob job to attract guys.’ I’ve been sitting gobsmacked because apparently that’s happened so many times that the poor girl is convinced she should do it – and the nerd guy is one of the few who tell her ‘there is nothing wrong with your figure,’ and punched said ex-boyfriend in the face for saying that in his presence for the second time since high school. (He beat the female friend’s father to the punch too.) Unfortunately, the woman in question seems to be attracted to that kind of guy…

    – ok granted, this nerd dude friend is not a typical nerd – he’s punched up an Islamic guy who was harassing a terrified Asian girl in the street. Story goes: he was walking down the street and chatting with me on Skype about an errand he was running, and said “Sec, I see Jihad Boy 2 harrassing this random Asian chick, she’s in tears.” Next thing I hear: “Oi, asshole, leave her alone… no, I’m gonna beat your head in now fuck off…” *sounds of bone hitting flesh, another man swearing and yelling, then* “Hey, he was just telling a random Asian woman he was going to rape her for not being covered up – yeah he’s all yours, guys.” /back to skype call “Some other guys came up because the girl who was crying ran past them and they’re taking care of Jihad Boy 2 now. No, I don’t know who they are, just randoms. Jihad boy just doesn’t learn.”

    (Seriously, need more men like that.)

    The typical nerd guy stereotype interaction is ‘omg I am talking to a girl I have no idea what I am doing does someone have a command line that will install Translation: Girl talk into my brain WHY IS THERE NO APT GET FOR THIS!’ That’s why nerds and geeks are two separate, sometimes overlapping categories. Geeks are more socially aware versus the nerds (and even then, sometimes the social bullshit doesn’t make any sense to the geek either – I’ve done the ‘I have no fucking clue, normal girls are often insane-sounding to me too, and I’m female’ shrug.)

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who started noticing that the arguments feminists are using sound a hell of a lot like the ones the KKK / white supremacists used. That was incredibly hair-raising to realize and I’m kinda glad someone else wrote that up – and did a better job of it than I could.

    • pancakeloach says:

      You’re welcome!

      I agree, we need more men willing to throw punches – in defense of civility, ironically. Unfortunately our laws have “progressed” (in the “terminal illness” sense of progression) to the point where he could get in serious trouble for that, depending on locality. :-\

      Yes, I think the comparison of feminists to the anti-Semite propaganda is mostly an accident, since feminism is attacking far more than “neckbearded losers” – it’s instructive to see the stunning similarity there, but it only accounts for a single instance in a much more widespread persecution. And it doesn’t really ring very true to the American experience, either; we don’t have any widespread memes of “collective” guilt over anti-Semitism. Jim Crow fits both the facts of what’s happening and our own cultural history much better. (Although obviously such persecution takes similar forms across cultures.)

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