Legend of Korra

The Zeitgeist must be on a roll – what comes up in Interesting Internet Happenings but another discussion about a Nickelodeon television show? Now, I watched all of season 1 of LoK, and quite honestly wasn’t that impressed. Korra herself was cheated out of needed character growth by the deus ex avatar ending. What makes this a crime from a storytelling perspective is that apparently the creators thought at the beginning that they would only have one season to work with, so the fact that they botched season one’s ending just goes to show that they’re not exactly giants of storytelling and dramatic skill.

Personally, I found the teenage relationship angst in season one funny as all get out, but my brother disliked it. (I’m married; he’s single. Make of that what you will.) The difficulty of acquiring episodes to watch at the time I was interested meant that my desire to continue watching LoK basically evaporated after the second season’s two-parter flashback arc; there just wasn’t any “there” there to the plot to keep me hooked.

And now, of course, I’m not interested in finishing it at all, because apparently it doesn’t get any better. And to top it all off, the creators are not only hacks who don’t understand romance and how to use it dramatically, they’re also bigoted jerks who can’t handle criticism constructively. Gee, with more TV on offer than any one person could watch in their lifetimes, basically, why would I waste my time on a pale imitation of the original ATLA? I’ll just go read Embers again.


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