Pet Peeve

My voice mailbox greeting indicates my preference for receiving text messages over voicemails. One of the reasons I prefer text is that it’s faster and more convenient to reference a text message than it is to listen to a voice mail multiple times in order to extract the necessary information. Text messages are an order of magnitude more convenient for info-dumping than voice mails are.

That, and I find that voice mails are often of extremely poor audio quality, which renders them difficult for me to hear. I have a hard time with anything other than a very clear connection when dealing with phone audio in general.

So of course my mother-in-law (who is actually a great person overall, mind) leaves me a voice message, complete with breath-interference from talking too close to the microphone on her cell, and begins her extremely fast-spoken and wordy voicemail message with “I’m slow at texting so I’m just going to leave you a voice mail.”

Yes, I’m sure you are slow at texting (not just due to vision problems) but because you treat texting like formal email with introductions and farewells and complete grammar – on top of the fact that “clear” and “concise” are not words anyone would use when describing your use of the telephone in any way. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH.

I’m going to pull the hard-of-hearing card if she keeps doing this, I swear. Especially when she asks me to text her back in her voicemail so she knows I’ve received it and passed the info along. OMG woman, I know you know how to send messages to multiple people because you’ve done it before! to ME and the person you want me to text for you! and I’m sure typing up one message minus all the fluff and sending it to the four of us who need to know a simple change of time for an event would be faster than calling us up individually!

There are some days when I really appreciate my sister’s “I don’t ever check my voicemail” approach. But then, her work doesn’t involve people leaving lots of voice messages and mine kinda does sometimes, so I really can’t do that.

Ah well. Generation gap and all that. I shouldn’t complain to much. Which is why I’m venting on the blog so I can tell it as a funny story about his mom to J rather than ranting at him after a long day of work!


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One Response to Pet Peeve

  1. Foxfier says:

    Does she email?

    If so, you might be able to get her to text you that way– with AT&T, the address is (phonenumber), and the other providers have similar addresses.

    I’ve been known to use it to find my phone if my husband isn’t home…..

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