Let the demons out

Via Insty, an article about ditching cable TV for streaming services: “paying Comcast $150 a month for an ocean of awful reality TV programs and infomercials is going to seem as backward to them as drilling holes in the heads of the mentally ill to let the demons out.”

Yes. Please listen, Nickelodeon. And all the rest of you ancient dinosaur cable companies. I am never ever ever going to pay you a single red cent. My TV entertainment dollar goes to (as of today): Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime. Streaming >>>> cable. You want my money or my eyeballs for your advertisers? You make your shows streaming on demand. Because I really do not care from whom I get my TV, only that it’s there when want to watch it. And if you make your show inconvenient to watch? I will watch something else instead. You aren’t that special and I’m really not that into you.

Cable let the entertainment industry get away with shoveling out steaming piles of guano onto their customer base. News flash, guys: those of us with all that disposable income that y’all want? We aren’t watching cable. You are old and uncool and will die with the Boomers. (And all the cool Boomers like my parents and in-laws don’t have cable anymore, either!)

Cable TV is for stupid losers. And possibly for those who live beyond the civilized reaches of FiOS. That’s basically the only reason to get cable: shoddy internet connection.

And once us young’uns starve you to bankruptcy, cable, then we’re going to go after the companies that put that hideous five-episodes-at-the-time rule on Hulu Plus. Because that is uncool as well. You can’t start a new show and expect word-of-mouth to work that fast; I’m not going to watch tons of terrible first season episodes on the off chance that some show or other will actually be good instead of a mediocre waste of time.

Internet. It’s the future of television; if y’all don’t want to suffer the same fate as the traditional publishers in the face of ebooks and indie, tv studios, you should be taking notes.


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One Response to Let the demons out

  1. Lyn87 says:

    Agreed – we ditched cable a couple of years ago. I bought one of these indoor HD antennas a few months ago for about $50. Being within broadcast range of a major city I get 14 hi-def channels for $0.00 per month. I also have Netflix at a whopping $7.99 per month. Whenever I want to see something I can’t otherwise see I have my brother record it for me.

    Cable sucks.

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