Grinch at Christmas, girl edition

What? You mean OTHER WOMEN’S HUSBANDS actually LET THEM wrap the Christmas gifts?!

Dalrock has a thoughtful post about how feminism is Grinchly at Christmas, but I’m still hung up on the whole wrapping the gifts thing. I even offered to wrap more of the gifts for my husband, because he’s been working really hard at his job and it’s been stressful.

For some reason, he didn’t take me up on that offer.* This is probably because my giftwrap-fu is weak and unskilled on account of not being forced to learn how to wrap beautiful presents by the cisheteronormative patriarchy as a child. Why didn’t my father ever oppress me properly so that I’d have the appropriate feminine gift-wrapping skills?! Now I might have to resort to – GASP – Pintrest

However, I did bring out the giftwrap and accouterments and I piled the unwrapped gifts and Amazon boxes next to the gift-wrapping station for maximum efficiency. I even went out and restocked our bow-and-ribbon supplies, which was kind of difficult because some un-American chump decided to mass-produce chartreuse instead of proper green and pair red with black this year. (There might have been some more traditional material available earlier, I suppose. Week before Christmas is poking through the dregs of half-empty shelving.)

Having actually read the source material, however, I think I can spot the problem with this particular feminist: she’s just not very good at the feminine intra-sexual competition, so she’s bitching about it as a way of making herself look good, rather than like what she actually is: a failure.

Hey, at least I’m straightforward about not being very good at the whole feminine status competition thing. (Which is why I linked that particular sound effect to Pintrest, which I studiously avoid most days, heh heh.) I’m trying to improve, though, instead of spinning my personal failures into some kind of omg-patriarchal-society-is-oppressing-me spiel.

I’ve got Thanksgiving down pretty well, if I do say so myself. And my sister pulled off a wonderful holiday party this year – I helped a little! – so I think next year I will be planning my own party… and trade some foodstuffs for extended family aid in hanging the mistletoe with care. Because being lonely and putting up Christmas decorations all by yourself is really not the thing – but declaring Christmas decorations patriarchal oppression is just a super lame way of saying you surrender!

Yes, next year, I’m definitely going to have to do more decorating. I refuse to surrender!

*Actually I think it’s because he doesn’t know which Amazon box contains my gift and doesn’t want me poking about in them so I’ll be surprised, not because I’m much less skilled at gift-wrapping than he is. But maybe if I finish wrapping my sister-in-law’s gift and make it look good enough, he’ll let me wrap the presents for the 10- and 7-year-old boys!


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