Women who don’t care about rape

I have come to the conclusion, after the recent events involving sensational rape stories, that there are a great many women who do not actually care about rape, and that this set of women includes women who say that they have been raped (sometimes brutally) as well as women who self-identify as “rape activists.”

You can identify these women when they relate a tale of sexual assault, but then tell everyone that they don’t want justice done.

If you don’t want to see a rapist brought to justice, I’m sorry, but you don’t really care about rape. Even if you personally have been raped.

What you really care about is yourself.

Justice means less to you than the inconvenience of having to go through the criminal investigation process. The safety of potential future rape victims – who are certainly likely to presently exist if it’s been several years since you were assaulted – means less to you than your own selfish coping strategies.

You basically chose to hang other vulnerable women out to dry by refusing to pursue justice.

And then “rape activists” have the gall to talk about how many rapes go unreported? Well excuse me, but who exactly is it that spends all their time giving women a huge wagonload of night-soil excuses for NOT COMING FORWARD?! Oh right, the “rape activists.” Nice little scam they have running there – convince women it’s okay to not pursue justice against rapists in favor of creating just-so stories about “rape culture” while neatly ensuring that the “rapes that go unreported” problem never gets addressed. Thus supplying a convenient population of scot-free rapists to continue driving the victim industry that gives “rape activists” their meaning in life (and supplies a lucky few with paychecks).

I can respect a victim that says “I was raped, and I was too weak to come forward then, and it’s too late for me to pursue justice now because the evidence is gone. But here’s how I could have dealt better with what happened to me, and I want other young girls to learn this so that they can do more than I did.” At least in that instance, the story serves a useful purpose to train others to recognize danger signs, and perhaps a more recent victim might read it and come forward so that a good case could be made for locking up a dangerous predator.

But a victim that comes forward, gives potentially identifying details of her “rapist” and then claims that she doesn’t want anyone to investigate the CRIME she just accused someone of committing? I’m sorry, but society has a vested interest in bringing rapists to justice before they RAPE SOMEONE ELSE. If you’re standing in the way of that investigation telling people to let it drop, it doesn’t matter if you’re a victim or an activist – you don’t actually care about rape.

Stated intentions don’t matter. Actions matter. If you value your own tranquility over the pain of doing the necessary work to put your rapist in jail, congratulations: YOU are rape culture. YOU are the one who is protecting your rapist from justice and giving him and other sexual predators the confidence to keep victimizing women. Not society. YOU. Writing screeds about generic bad men doing bad things isn’t fighting rape. Attempting to shame male sexuality isn’t fighting rape. Passing ridiculous rules about how exactly college students are required to pursue intercourse isn’t fighting rape. Fighting rape is putting rapists in JAIL. And society stands ready to do this. Why are women like Lena Dunham and UVA “Jackie” and Sabrina Rudin Erdely getting in the way of society putting rapists in jail where they belong?

The only logical conclusion: either they’re lying, or they don’t actually care about rape. Or, you know, both.


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