"Why am I being forced to serve a bad pun? Whyyyy?"

On Ferguson: Why Ferguson?

Of course, black teenagers are shot to death on a daily basis in America, but because they are usually killed by other black teenagers, there is nothing in the death of a young hoodlum of interest to the Civil Rights cult unless the shooter is white (or at least half-white, as it turned out that George Zimmerman’s mother is Hispanic).  This cultural phenomenon is so obvious, one hesitates to state it so explicitly: “Civil Rights” has been re-defined to mean “whatever gives black people an excuse to hate white people more than they already do,” and the journalistic establishment is committed to inciting such hatred.

A white person has to be pretty goddamned privileged, if I may borrow that phrase from the social-justice theorists, to pander to professional grievance-mongers in such a blatantly irresponsible manner. You need a degree from an elite college, and a job in media or academia that pays you a handsome salary, in order to be the kind of white person who believes that stoking black anger is beneficial to society, and yet it is clear that many white liberals do believe this.

On shooting guns in the United States: The Legalities of Shooting People

You’ll hear ignorant people say “why didn’t you just shoot them in the arm/leg?” That is foolishness. Legally and tactically, they’re both still lethal force. Only if they bleed to death in a minute because you severed their femoral artery, they’re not any less dead, only they had one more minute to continue trying to murder you. Basically limb hits are difficult to pull off with the added bonus of being terribly unreliable stoppers.

And reflections on the last words in the video linked in this Dalrock post.

I wanted to tell you to watch it, but unfortunately it has been made private; perhaps it will pop back up on the internet later, since the internet never forgets. But in that video, in the last few seconds, one of the people behind the camera (a woman, as it happens) exclaims something to the effect of “She’s going to put her life in danger over a pizza shop?!

There are several very interesting things about that comment. The first is that the bystanders at least believe that the possibility exists for someone standing in the way of a pair of rioters to be killed for getting in their way. Now, in the video, the manager apparently harangues the two rioters, and one of them shoves her, though not hard enough to push her to the ground, so it seems that there was no actual threat of great bodily harm in this particular encounter.

But at least one witness believes that getting in the way of rioters is equivalent to putting oneself at risk of grievous bodily harm, if not death. If this belief is correct (and it likely is, when dealing with a crowd of rioters rather than just two) then that makes the heroism of those who defended private property during the last two days of violence in Ferguson even more admirable.

The second thing to note is that this woman is defending her livelihood – and defending it alone. Where are the other employees? Not there to defend their place of employment, that’s for sure. There are tales coming out of Ferguson that some people did choose to defend their neighborhoods from violence. Those people are to be commended.

Consider what would happen if that attitude were more widespread. If the people of Ferguson banded together to defend their homes and businesses from mob violence, how long could the riots last? Would the authorities even need to use heavy-duty equipment, or call out the National Guard? Would that the “community organizers” would organize the community to defend itself rather than stir up violence!

Because when the rubber meets the road, you can trust the authorities to do one thing: pull out to save their own skins. Firefighters in Ferguson pulled out due to gunfire in the area rather than risk getting shot while fighting the flames. (Not that I particularly blame them for that, mind. Firefighters don’t sign up to get shot at.) Police didn’t stop rioters from looting and burning businesses. It is evident that one cannot trust the government to protect one’s community from mob violence. Which means it’s time for people to get a little more interested in that old historical principle of the militia. Because that’s what the people who defended businesses were: the local militia.

I’ve said before, that law and order is like a vaccine. You have to have enough of it for it to start working and delivering herd immunity to crime and violence. Get enough people willing to stand up to rioters and looters, and the rioters and looters will find someplace else to be. And it has to be citizens, not the police. Nobody cares about your job or your community the way you do – certainly not the police, who are not actually obligated to protect anyone. They’re just there to do legal cleanup afterwards.


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