First, I have to preface this entry with a note that I’m thinking about another blog article I read somewhere else “many moons ago” – I thought I remembered where, but diligent Google searching failed to locate the entry in question.

However, it was an explanation that humor often involves making light of terrible situations, as an emotional coping mechanism. It’s the “laugh or cry” choice: and SJWs come firmly and absolutely down on the “cry” option.

This explains why SJWs have no sense of humor. Their entire raison d’être is to gain power by taking offense, and in order to take offense, you must take everything SUPER SERIOUSLY. An ability to laugh at absurdity compromises people’s get-angry-and-offended emotional circuitry. Therefore a great deal of SJW training consists of taking things normal people would laugh off (everyday rudeness, for example; and particularly stereotypical behaviors) and making them into Evidence of Oppression!!

That means that those of us who are pushing back against SJW incursion need to remember to not take everything SRSLY. The hypocrisy can be incredibly disgusting, but the SJWs complete inability to comprehend their own double standards is a resource rich with opportunity. Make it a joke! Because honestly, that’s what SJWs are. 


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One Response to Humorless

  1. caronbot says:

    I can agree with this message. It’s a difficult line to toe sometimes, though.

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