Twitter is addictive

Oooh, it’s terrible. Somebody save me, I can feel my attention span atrophying already. >_>

Actually I think the major problem is that I followed Instapundit, and then was inevitably crushed under the massive pipeline of CONTENT, most of which I’m not actually all that interested in.


However, I find that the #GamerGate and #OpSKYNET people are actually… restoring some of my faith in humanity. My cherished cynicism is in serious danger, here!

In other news, John C. Wright made me buy a Larry Correia book off my wishlist before Christmas (a serious infraction in November) by posting the very beginning of Monster Hunter International. And since it’s International Men’s Day, what better way to celebrate than reading such a book? I mean, I’d list all the things in my life that make existence more pleasant and convenient that were invented by men, but that’s like, all of them, so it’s way too much work.


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