Games are teh evulz

One of the interesting things about GamerGate is the way people are making connections. For one thing, the SJW campaign against “misogyny” and “sexism” in games is fueled by their insistence that such games make the players misogynistic and sexist in real life. Exactly like people claimed that playing video games made people violent in real life.

Well, if video games were that powerful, I would be Communist and would have already nuked the world into submission and then colonized space, because that’s exactly how I played Civilization.

Somehow I managed to maintain the distinction between what worked in the game (Communism actually did work in the version of Civ that I played… can’t remember which number we started out on, though. I always found that amusing, because it obviously doesn’t work in RL) and what Communism is in the real world. The Holodomor. Tienanmen Square. Widespread poverty and corruption. Et cetera.

Of course, perhaps Civ did grant me some resistance to the Global Warming hysteria. Fallout pollution from establishing my worldwide Communist space empire did make the sea levels rise a couple times before I started sending out engineer units to clean up the nuked cities. And while it was an annoying setback, it certainly wasn’t the end of the world.


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3 Responses to Games are teh evulz

  1. Fluency says:

    If Civ was a truly brainwashing game, I would have believed that the Russians should have taken over the world and that Rasputin is God! :b

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