Emotional abusers

I have the immeasurable blessing of having grown up in an intact, psychologically healthy family. Not that my parents were perfect people, or that they never made mistakes, or that they couldn’t have done better sometimes – but they worked together to do their best and fill in for each others’ weaknesses.

Not everyone grows up so blessed.

Sarah Hoyt’s post Table Settings at the Cannibal Feast includes this comment from one of the commenters, Synova:

Some of the comments by people who had been subject to the full treatment just made me want to cry. I didn’t think it was funny because the guilty parties and enablers aren’t the ones who are hurt. Yes, we can scoff at Scalzi when he makes a rational counter-argument and is made, ultimately, to retract and abase himself and agree in public and start proselytizing in public that no… you really can’t trust your own brain and if something seems wrong to you or you feel like defending yourself it is simply proof that you’re guilty.

But there were people who reported rather severe PTSD type reactions to even sitting down at a keyboard to write because they were so terrified of offending… again. Because *rationally* they’d done nothing wrong the first time, but they were forced to an irrational acceptance of their guilt. So now they’ve “accepted their privilege” and “checked it” and confessed and repented (they could come to the Dark Side and be welcomed, but they don’t know that, and have been taught that the Dark Side is evil, and that’s why shunning is so very evil within closed communities… being exiled is a horrific punishment) but since they had NO IDEA how they could have done something wrong in the first place, they also have no idea how to avoid it the next time.

Imagine doing this to a child.

The kid is walking through a room doing nothing much and suddenly POW… and then you tell the kid… well that was YOUR fault. You screwed up. You stepped on that spot on the floor.

So the kid looks at the spot and it looks like every other spot. But the kid is told that, no, the fact that she can’t even SEE the spot is what the problem is. You can’t SEE the spot… that’s why it is YOUR fault. Also, a good child will try to learn. You’re a good child, aren’t you?

So the kid says, yes… it was my fault. I could not SEE the spot. Not seeing the spot makes this my fault.

Afterward, it’s still impossible to see the spots, and walking across the room becomes fraught with danger. Sitting down at the keyboard gives this very “good” person the shakes and panic attacks… where are the spots? She still can’t see the spots but she MUST agree and believe that those spots exist.

I have a LOT of sympathy for those who were hurt, just like I have sympathy for any abused person.

If there’s any way to be As Despicable As Communists, it’s this pattern of emotional abuse. And SJWs use it all the time. Slutwalks? Totally okay. Pictures of empowered, armed women (wearing more clothing than some Slutwalkers, in fact) on a shirt? MISOGYNY!

It’s not about what you did. It’s about who you are: one of the powerful, or the powerless? The In Group, or the Out Group? Because if you’re In, you can do no wrong. If you’re Out, or you’re a soft target on the Inside and it’s time for a ritual purge, it’s just a matter of time before they come up with something to badger and abuse you with – and it will always, always, always be All Your Fault.

That’s bullshit. 

And it’s not acceptable.

SJW communities attract emotional abusersNo kidding. The way everyone in the SJW community harps on their victimhood, I never would have guessed they’d attract psychopathic abusers. /sarc If your philosophy in life is “other people should give me stuff/respect/fame/money/power/etc because I’m disadvantaged, waaaaaaah” you really are going to have a serious predator problem.


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