Assumptions are revealing

Previously I would not pay much attention to media frenzies; my disdain for the Internet Idiot Ghettos is well documented. However, the GamerGate pushback against moralizing Leftist hypocrites has mobilized me to actually join Twitter (exhibit #1 that I have been taken over by Evil League of Evil mind rays. If I ever join Tumblr, please send an intervention team of crack psychologists, and tinfoil hats).

The fallout of The Shirt Incident has lead to some really interesting things, however. For one, here’s a Twitchy summation of SJWs attempting to tar Insty for troll behavior… just like they tried to tar GamerGate with troll behavior.

Notice the principle in the background. Insty calls a woman a horrible person for her terrible behavior. Some trolls harass her. Therefore Insty is responsible for the trolls harassing the “horrible” woman. How does that follow? What kind of twisted logic is that?

It only follows if calling someone a horrible person is a signal for people to engage in harassment.

SJWs have proven by their actions that they believe that it is morally permissible – in fact, practically morally necessary and virtuous! – to harass someone who has been labeled “a horrible person” by the SJW herd. They use terms like “sexist,” “misogynist,” “racist,” etc. to designate what type of horrible person they’re dealing with, but the root of each of those insults is “You’re a horrible person.” 

The reason they blame Insty and the GamerGaters for harassment is that when SJWs criticize someone, they EXPECT AND INTEND for that person to be harassed by their fellow activists! The criticism of an SJW is the trigger for such harassment and SJWs do this on purpose. Criticism is like an SJW bat-signal that says “Thoughtcrime detected! Everybody dogpile the target! Destroy him utterly!!” You know how you can tell? Read that tweet on Twitchy about plausible deniability. That’s a grade-A admission that SJW Janet is well versed in this tactic of using what might sound like some kind of “reasonable” criticism of someone as a targeting laser to release the lynch mob. And remember the SJW’s defense of their own mobbing behavior: “Free speech has consequences!” But negative consequences for something an SJW activist says? Beyond the pale!

Which is why they have such trouble dealing with libertarian criticism, because libertarians don’t try to start witch hunts. Libertarians don’t try to utterly destroy people’s personal and professional lives for making a mistake or being wrong about something. SJWs consider criticism an assault because THAT IS HOW SJWs USE CRITICISM – to designate the targets of their assaults!


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