Thoughts on fish

Guppies can be done – as long as you’re willing to have pretty much ONLY guppies, because fish like black neon tetras will happily hunt and eat baby guppies. If you do have such fish, a three-inch-thick matting of live plants at the top of your aquarium will suffice as cover, but that leads to its own problems. Alas, O guppy: I shall not be keeping you in my current tank setup. You need harder water than my plants leave, anyway. And the tetras can live quite a long time, too…

My neon dwarf rainbowfish are actually doing well, which is good because they’re not a $1 fish! And I do love the colors.

But with my hopes of a guppy colony dying a tetra-shaped death, now I need a different red fish for the community tank. My dad’s colony of mickey-mouse platys is doing well but they’re also livebearers, and he has no predatory tetra problem. And I don’t want to get into the barbs, they’re too aggressive. Hmm. Red, no more than 3″ adult length, gets along with neon tetras and rainbowfish. Maybe the red/pink GloFish danios? I have the growlight bulb with the expanded spectrum to get the best color out of ’em. And they’d fill the non-planted space; the tetras love lurking in cover, and the rainbowfish seem to have a similar preference. Never thought of having GMO fish before, though.

Ah, well. I’ll have to see what the local stores have in stock.

Miscellaneous observations: I really need to put paneling on the open tank frames. They’d look so much better! And water sure evaporates out fast once the weather gets cold and we have to start using the heater. Guess I should pump some water and refill; scrubbing the glass will have to wait for later, though. After the Great Siphon Accident, I’m not multitasking at night again, J would sell the tanks on craigslist!


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