Book: Family Friendly Farming

The second of the two Joel Salatin books I borrowed is Family Friendly FarmingNow I think I know where my BIL’s ideas of a family farm are coming from! Rather than focusing on the “how” of the enterprise like You Can Farm, this book focuses on the “how” of the functional family that farms, from parenting to retirement. Since I currently lack children and don’t own a farm, most of this book has been filed away in the back of my mind for later.

Although it does seem that I will get to put into practice at least a little of the philosophy of multi-generational farm help – an aunt of mine has a small handspun fiber-crafts business, and she has her own animals to produce the fibers. She jokingly said if I wanted to play farmer, she had a barn to muck out… and then was quite surprised when my response wasn’t “Haha!” but “What shoes should I wear when I come?” Time to start using my resources – while meat rabbit isn’t something J is willing to do, we could certainly do angora rabbit, even starting now in our current location. (I’ll just have to learn how to spin!) So I’ll get to be exploitable labor and go put some of my relatively youthful energy into helping an older relative – while hopefully learning a lot from her at the same time!

There was a great quote at the back I wanted to pull out: “Remember that the opposite of success is not failure, but depression. Successful people fail just as much as unsuccessful; they just get up one more time.”


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