Larry Correia has posted a link to an eminently worthwhile diversion on Facebook – Possibly the Most I’ve Ever Insulted an Idiot on Facebook.

There are several things that the mono-maniac troll did in that “discussion” that people called him out on – like totally ignoring every answer he was actually given and claiming that no one answered him; and especially ignoring the women who answered him. But I want to point out one specific thing that he started almost from the beginning, but didn’t get called out until later. Matthew Bowman was the first to point this out, so I’ll quote him:

Step one: Take what the enemy said.

Step two: Change it so it’s not what he said.

Step three: Attack the enemy for what he didn’t say.

This is particularly interesting in that the mono-mania troll immediately went to the leftist caricature of conservative thought, kept using that caricature even though nothing anyone had said could be reasonably construed to support that caricature… and then he quoted himself, with the obvious intention of convincing people who haven’t read the whole discussion that he’s quoting something one of his opponents said. He got away with doing that for quite a while, probably because the audience was too busy taking care of other targets, like answering his question in ways that showed complexity of thought and far more familiarity with the subject (and actual understanding of statistics) than he did.

Of course, it’s hard to recognize an actual factual statement when everything you know about the world comes directly from the Democratic Party’s propaganda machine. If you want to know what a hermetically sealed mind looks like in action, go read!


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