Voting this week

If you care about honesty in government, no matter what your philosophy is or what your stands are on any of the issues, you have to vote Republican. Because the press covers for Democrats. It’s not that the Republican Party isn’t full of crooks – it’s made up of politicians, of course it’s full of crooks! But the only possibility of catching politicians in wrongdoing is if they are not Democrats. In addition to all the corruption of office (Filthy lucre! Corporate lobbyists!), Democrats can leave their girlfriends to drown in a drunk driving accident; abuse the authority of their offices to get sex from interns or campaign staff; and say the most outrageously sexist, racist, etc. things without so much as a peep from the mainstream media. So if you want any hint of accountability or pretensions to good behavior from politicians, you have to vote Republican, no matter how much you may personally despise the party as a whole, or disagree with whatever their platforms happen to be at the moment.

Because the Democrats control the IRS, the DOJ and FBI, as well as cheating as much as possible when it comes to the actual voting. Sometimes the universe doesn’t give you any good choices: you get to pick from bad, and worse.


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