Movie: Fury

Due to various circumstances, J and I went out to the movie theater with another couple the other night, and the guys wanted to see FuryI was initially thinking, “Why have we let the guys drag us to another war movie?” (I can’t remember which it was – not War Horse, we got that on disc from Netflix, and I’m thinking of one we saw in the theater. It may not even have been a new release – there’s a movie theater ’round these parts that will screen older movies too. Whatever it was, it must not have left a big impression, because all I can recall is that it was a war movie!)

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised by Fury. There was a lot of blood and gore, but none of it felt unnecessary, and the camera didn’t dwell on it either – the “war is hell” subtext was just that – subtext. (You really don’t need a moral anvil to get that bit across.) The characters were all refreshingly human rather than stereotyped caricatures, and there was a strong thread of honor and heroism throughout.

Ironically, I think having watched Girls und Panzer beforehand actually increased my enjoyment of Fury significantly. We watched that one at home with running historical commentary from J, who plays games like World of Tanks and likes to read history books, so despite his not being able to do a running commentary on the movie for the sake of us girls, I had just enough background in tank warfare to “get” what was going on.

It was an intense movie. Sarah Hoyt says storytellers’ medium is emotion – and by that measure this story was excellently told.

I feel like there’s been a lot more interest in WWII nowadays than when I was growing up. However, I grew up on another planet (metaphorically) and that might not actually be the case. The prevalence of Nazis and zombies – and even Nazi zombies! – as entertainment antagonists has intriguing sociological implications, though. IIRC (and my history education is not very good), Nazis were the last enemy that the United States decisively defeated in war; the “last victory” so to speak. Communism successfully infiltrated the West even as Communist countries collapsed under their own weight; “terrorism” is definitely winning the “War on Terror,” mostly because the West refuses to accurately define fundamentalist Islam’s political ideology, and those Muslims that hold to it, as the enemy. Ironically, though, Islam and Nazism are buddy-buddy ideologies, so are all those evil Nazis just ISIS-type soldiers in disguise? I’m not sure Hollywood has thought that far!


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