A tale of two sides

John C. Wright is hosting an interview between a #GamerGate and an anti-GamerGate “spokesman” on his website: take a look!

Two observations: saying anything critical of a woman or any subgroup of women automatically makes you misogynist, in the anti-GG eyes. You know, as a woman, I’m incredibly offended at people who label accurate descriptions of certain promiscuous women “misogynist” – the unavoidable implication is that ALL WOMEN are the same as prostitutes, otherwise why would saying a certain woman is of negotiable virtue be misogynist, as opposed to correct or incorrect? THAT is a truly misogynist attitude!

Second: the anti-GGers will give mere passing reference to the actual (long, long list of) ethics complaints, since they greatly prefer to focus on the unhinged trolls. All their power comes from publicizing the trolls’ behavior against their side and ignoring their own trolls attacking the other side. The entire frame of anti-GG is that internet trolls are full of hate (well, DUH) and GamerGate is nothing but internet trolls (it’s not, and they don’t try to prove this assertion, they just keep repeating it over and over hoping the uninformed will believe them) – so aren’t these people BAD! The anti-GGer doesn’t even acknowledge that there are vicious attacks happening against GG women, too. And more than that, even if you discard all the threats from both sides, GG is supporting women that the anti-GG side is literally attempting to silence!

If you’d like a summary of some of what’s happened, including a lot of truly damning information about collusion between games media journalists as well as some people in the development industry and individuals involved in gamer websites, watch this half-hour video:

The bottom line for me is that the GamerGate people are rightfully concerned about ethical judgment and they are fierce supporters of free speech, even speech they don’t agree with, find offensive, and/or don’t approve of, like trolls’ threats. Which is way more than you can say for the anti-GG folks, who are desperately trying to reframe the issue onto “sexism” and their “victimhood” to hide the fact that they are actively engaging in bullying themselves and trying to shut people up as their main focus! 

Obviously, I support #GamerGate. This is not sexist or misogynistic, and if you think it is, you are mentally unbalanced and need to get help immediately:

Nobody plays fantasy themed video games for their realism. If you don't like it, nobody is making you play Dragon Crown.

Nobody plays fantasy themed video games for their realism. If you don’t like it, nobody is making YOU play Dragon Crown. Make your own #$%& video games and mind your own business when it comes to other people’s!


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2 Responses to A tale of two sides

  1. Foxfier says:

    Dragon Crown?


    Oh, my…. that is HILARIOUS!
    Have folks no sense of humor? Just LOOK at the fighter! Do they need a giant “We are over the top” sign? I’d think the sorceress’ boob-shelf shirt would’ve been a hint….

    Female game hobbyist here, too. I’m practically salivating over someone making a stupid claim about how geeks can’t deal with women– so I can point out that half of the happily married couples in my generation I know are geek/geek, three quarters are half geek, and the only ones of those which don’t have several kids are the ones where health issues have prevented it.

    Sure, a lot of “my” geeks aren’t married, but not any higher percentage than the totally-not-geeky. Heck, having games as your version of bowling isn’t even needfully geeky these days.

    Ten years ago I’d get ribbed about it by my “normal” relatives, now half of them have game systems to play with the grandkids, and can halfway chat about Halo.

    I’ve run into two guys who had issues with female gamers, or me-being-a-gamer — both would’ve had that issue if they were gamers or not, and percentage wise gamers definitely have normal people beat on a person’s sex not mattering. (Real life interactions counted only, a single idiot can pose as a dozen people in a game– and are much more likely to do so. That’s before you get to the people who are doing it because they just know that it’s what those they oppose “are really like.”)

    • pancakeloach says:

      Oh yes, my geek husband and I laughed really hard over the fighter character. He’s even funnier with the helmet off, which is how you see him on the “choose your character” screen! The art in Dragon Crown is really well done – in a deliberately stylized manner.

      I’m too casual a gamer to really be a part of the “gamer community” myself rather than an ally – but the thing is, there are a lot of good people in gaming. And even when people don’t get along, there’s no reason to cry “sexism” – I’ve seen male gamers go ballistic on each other and I’d bet that most of the “harassment” in gaming is male-vs-male intra-sex posturing – and if they turn around and start using that behavior on women who are playing too, it’s EXACTLY what the feminists CLAIM they want – equality! But of course, then the delicate-flower feminists get their precious feelings hurt and cry misogyny. I could go to my father and brother for stories about the League of Legends gaming community… I hear they have, shall we say, a reputation. Heh heh heh.

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