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The 900 pound elephant in the gamer/sexism debate, is they’re really just attacking autistic people for clumsy social propriety.

“Autistic” – in today’s environment of “on the spectrum” – meaning those who lack social skills and find that fitting in with cliques is difficult except with other Odds. Gaming, comics, and anime/manga fandoms are full of people who are ruthlessly bullied outside of those networks as the lowest of mom’s-basement-dwelling losers. Notice, however, the challenger – basically saying: “prove it!” Who’s telling Anita Sarkeesian to prove that GamerGate gamers are misogynist? NOBODY. She and her feminist troll friends are slinging sewage all over a group of people who are upset that a whore and a bunch of no-ethics-journalism johns are influential in the games journalism industry. Having ethical standards? Makes you a misogynist, according to SJWs. Who really hates women? The female gamers who are standing up for their beloved gaming community, or the anti-gamergaters sending them death threats?

Whenever a female SJW starts her I’m-a-victim spiel, remember that there is a huge difference between the way society treats harassment aimed at females vs males. Anything that hurts a woman’s feelings is “harassment.” The same courtesy is not extended towards men. Try taking a woman down a peg, even if she’s literally a whore trading sexual favors for career advancement, and you’ll be accused of all kinds of things like sexism and misogyny. But apparently it’s okay to denigrate men and claim that people trying to “destroy male privilege” (In a society where girls do better in school than boys, where more women get into college than men, where men serve longer prison sentences than women for the same crimes, where men commit suicide at higher rates, and where men die on the job far more often?) aren’t engaged in actively hostile rhetoric towards males?! Uh, no. I’m going to have to call damnable hypocrisy on that one.

The way our society is structured, anyone who says anything even slightly critical of a woman has crossed a line – unless, of course, that woman isn’t in lockstep with the leftist agenda du jour, and then she’s fair game. When men are stalked and harassed and literally driven out of their homes by unhinged criminals threatening their families, where’s the media firestorm of outrage? Nowhere. Where are the help lines and organizations dedicated to helping male victims? There aren’t nearly as many as there are for women. Men aren’t even allowed to conceptualize themselves as victims even when women are literally attacking them! 

Sorry, “sisters.” You’re crying over behavior that a man would shrug off as par-for-the-course internet trolling. Welcome to equality with “male privilege”: did you think you could get the right side of the bell curve’s advantages without suffering the left side’s dysfunction? Once you’ve been SWATed, then you can complain. Playing with the boys means taking your lumps like a man. If you can’t do that, then you need to give up on this whole fake “equality” jihad.

The left’s entire vocabulary is full of hateful slurs: racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic, ignorant, etc. Those words all have dictionary definitions that you could use to define exactly what is “racist” or whatever – but that’s not the definitions they use, oh no. They’ve got their own definitions, and underneath all the stupid academic jargon special definition lingo is the real meaning: “Someone who doesn’t agree with me.”


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8 Responses to Bullies

  1. Reblogged this on Science Meandering and commented:
    Men are traditionally condemned for fighting wars, but after diplomacy, wars are an alternative to victim industries. Wars are a defense against the vehemently predatory.

  2. You’re right, thank you for letting me know I should clarify. “…vocabulary is full of hateful slurs” is really the weapon of a war of words, isn’t it? The point is how to respond to the intolerable which is what brought war to mind. Persuasion and diplomacy would properly be the first lines of defense, but life shows us that not all can be persuaded that what is moral is a good thing, which is why humanity has developed tactics for dealing with the intolerable.

  3. It is really funny that the “power to the people” crowd turned out to be social / cultural arbiters!

    • Foxfier says:

      Didn’t Terry Pratchett have a bit on that in Interesting Times?

      something like:
      Rincewind looks around himself and puts his fingers to his temples. “I am getting a vision! I sense… that I am looking at The People’s Interim Commission for Running The Country For the People, aren’t I?”
      Beautiful Butterfly: “Why yes, of course! People don’t know enough to run things for their interest right off the bat– we have to teach them what to do!”

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  5. But how do the teachers learn without being taught?

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