Females are confusing

I should know, I confuse myself!

So, here’s my conundrum: as a conservative female (INTJ), what it the best tactic for influencing my social group? None of my preferred tactics are likely to work on the general female public (few women can stand up to robust debate; it causes them to flee in tears) because things like facts and logic take a distant back seat to emotional responses.

I’m basically wondering: how does this emotional manipulation thing work? For instance, when a FB friend posts pictures of her new pixie cut and the predictable “How cute!” responses pour in, is there any way for another woman to insert “Maybe that wasn’t the best idea” into the emotion-stream? It would have to be done extremely subtly, I’m thinking. If it could be done at all without provoking a “How dare you not support her decision to cut her hair!” response. Perhaps the best way would be for me to start a subtle long-hair “awareness” campaign myself, to counterbalance the cut-your-hair zeitgeist at the peer-pressure level, and leave off saying anything about haircuts directly.

If I were brave enough, I suppose I could hunt down whatever the most popular pink ghetto happens to be today and study what articles they publish and how they support various social signaling methods – but I reeeeeeeeally can’t stand the pink ghetto. I mean, my response to the whole “I’m an UMC cancer survivor and those meanieface lactation activists wouldn’t leave me alone about breastfeeding!” thing that went around certain circles just left me cold. Really? You’re whining about how a lactation consultant in the hospital wanted to make sure you were making an informed decision when you told her “I’m going to formula feed” without putting “I had a complete double mastectomy, so” in front of that declaration? You feel that discussing breastfeeding with people is a dreadful imposition on your personal choices or something? Sure, I can believe that some “lactivists” are rude crusaders for their cause (kind of like vegetarians) but why the heck should you care what they think of you, if you know you’re doing your best for your child?

See, this is why I don’t get along with women. Peer shaming doesn’t work on me the way it’s supposed to (generally makes me spitting mad, in fact), because I sincerely don’t care what the vast majority of women think – because I think that vast majority of women are morons. Not necessarily bad people mind you, just incapable of making actual reasoned decisions rather than emoting and rationalizing. That’s all that article was: emoting and rationalizing and whining from this particular woman who couldn’t match up identically with her social-status peer group – so it’s not faaaaaaaaaaaair and her entire peer group should feel bad about themselves and change their social signaling behaviors so that she can fully participate, too! Cry me a river, dahling. Some of us never fit in and learn to live with people who don’t always agree with our every decision.

I enjoy reading the various red pill websites – because they make women (including myself) rather less confusing. But as these websites are geared towards men, a lot of their advice for dealing with women isn’t practical for a woman to use rather than a man. Unless she’s a lesbian, I suppose! So, how to use social media to support conservative women’s social signaling from within? I wonder if anyone has done any legwork on the matter yet. Insty’s always saying that somebody ought to buy a women’s mag and put it out with a conservative spin, and I’d certainly appreciate such a thing. I liked BH&G well enough but just had to drop it because I couldn’t stand the liberal bias AND the fact that nearly all the recipes were nasty low-fat high-carb USDA-approved trash. Made with expensive ingredients. Ugh.


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3 Responses to Females are confusing

  1. Perhaps the key is in emotional arguments? I am not sure how emotional persuasion works, possibly by appealing to concerns about responsibility for family and other loved ones?

    • pancakeloach says:

      I suspect that crafting emotional arguments is indeed key. Not just because females are inherently more emotional (although we are, due to that darn sexist biology and its nasty misogynistic hormone cycles – PMS is a real thing, even if it’s not an excuse for bad behavior!) but because most people in general are taught to respond to emotional appeals over reason and logic in school.

  2. I remember in junior high government class we were introduced to advertising techniques. Forewarned is forearmed. I have made a note to ask children and grandchildren if they were ever taught advertising techniques in school. Really, tho, even if students are not taught about advertising versus logic, part of our parental responsibility is to teach children what schools will not.

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