I would vote for him

Under a Reynolds Administration, I’d respond to this “chicken” game by opening up federal lands to exploration and drilling.

UPDATE: Some support for a Reynolds 2016 campaign in the comments. Hmm. What would my slogan be? How about An Inexperienced Law-Professor President Got Us Into This Mess, And It’ll Take An Inexperienced Law-Professor President To Get Us Out!

The difference is that Glenn Reynolds knows that he’s inexperienced, isn’t afraid to admit it, and would appoint a bunch of libertarians to important government positions. He also respects the Constitution, unlike the current incumbent. “Ebola czar“? You know, they told me the American Constitution formed a republic, but I think we’re on the swing-side from democracy to dictatorship at the moment. In a functioning republic, “czar” would have all the impact of a four-letter word.


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