Bring back chaperones

As Katherine Timpf so wittily says, Women Are Too Weak To Say No To Sex, so obviously this whole “yes means yes” campaign in CA is going to be totally inadequate to address the problem of boyfriends one-night-stands drunken hookups who are too up-front about they want in the bedroom. Dalrock points out that “yes means yes” is an attempt to convince women that having sex with some random dude you just met at a frat party isn’t actually a really bad idea from a personal safety standpoint. (News flash: sociopaths don’t care much about moral principles like “don’t drug somebody” – does anyone with two functioning brain cells think this new rule will stop any actual rapists?)

This is an attempt to codify the new morality of sex for women – that is, it’s only moral if you’re horny and in control. The entire history of humankind – in which not having sex just because your’re horny, and having sex you might not be that into in order to maintain a valuable relationship are actual virtuous uses of carnal knowledge – indicates that the new morality with regards to sex applies not to the reality of human experience, but to something else entirely – pornography. And not even as applied to the porn industry, but to the fantasy of porn, in which everyone is always having The Best Sex Ever!™

On the other hand, men having sex is always immoral (in a sort of Schrodinger’s cat manner) under the new rules, because a woman can decide she regrets it afterward and scream “rape!” In the Dalrock link, you can see that Ezra Klein essentially comes out and says this explicitly: “To work, “Yes Means Yes” needs to create a world where men are afraid.” Afraid of what? Of being accused of rape because a woman changed her mind – and didn’t have the spine to stand up for herself in the moment, or changed her mind afterward!

Obviously, men are going to need to insist upon chaperones to protect themselves from these fearsome college women. Since chaperones were traditionally older single women (iirc), I think there may be some potential in recruiting cougars for the job, yes?


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