Devil’s Advocate: it wasn’t gun control

Insty had a link to a Breitbart article: How Gun Control Made England The Most Violent Country In Europe.

But I don’t think that’s the case; gun control removed the British subjects’ ability to prevent their country from becoming the most violent country in Europe, rather than being the proximate cause.

You know what I think really caused England to become the most violent country in Europe? Betcha the proximate cause was mass immigration from non-European countries, deliberately drawn in to make England less English, and therefore less European. Breitbart references a couple of mass shooting events, but let’s be honest: in a violent country, those standout events are swamped by the average day-to-day violence that doesn’t make headlines or political crusades for additional regulation.

The secondary reason England is the most violent country in Europe? Having imported a lot of non-Europeans, the English government also made self-defense de facto illegal. Put wire mesh on your shed to keep the thieves out, and if a thief injures himself breaking into your shed, you’re the one who’s going to be defending yourself to the courts. If you hurt a mugger fighting back, it’s your fault he’s injured! (The British have perfected the art of “blaming the victim” in any case in which the victim declines to passively surrender.)

Having legal guns in England wouldn’t do anything about the above two outrages against human rights. Oh, in a counter-factual imagining, one might think that perhaps if the English people hadn’t been effectively stripped of the right to own guns for self-defense, then maybe the second bit in which self-defense became unconscionable wouldn’t have happened, but that’s not guaranteed. In order for England to become the most violent country in Europe, all it had to do was import enough people groups from places more violent than Europe. And say what you will for the European propensity for the occasional bloody slaughter on a mass scale, they’re just not all that violent on a day-to-day ho-hum violence perspective.


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