Monomania, projection, and goggles

Anyone who’s spent any significant time on the internet has run across examples of monomaniacs. In any conversation, no matter what it is, they will interject their own beloved topic or opinion. One example is GBFM, who lurks around the manosphere and occasionally “replies” to Dalrock’s posts. But whatever the actual topic is, GBFM uses it as a mere springboard to talk about his own opinion. And he only has the one, apparently. Monomaniacs are, quite simply, tiresome. Everything is always about them. Their thoughts, their opinions, their experiences. They definitely qualify as internet trolls.

Then there’s the individual who is not quite a monomaniac – who shows some slim grasp of the conversation’s topic and can almost, but not quite, grasp it – who engages in Strawman Projection. These people are impossible to talk to, because no matter what you say, they will project onto you a strawman of their own making and then address the strawman and not the actual points that anyone actually raised. They can discuss multiple topics, but unless they’re willing to up their reading comprehension skills, there’s no point in talking to this type of person, either. The ones who are interested in rational debate can eventually overcome their habit of projection, however, so they’re not automatically trolls, although endlessly projecting strawmen to attack is a classic liberal troll technique.

Then there’s the Goggle Effect. (Not beer goggles!) The Goggle Effect happens when somebody gets a shiny new paradigm and suddenly starts applying it to absolutely everything in sight, regardless of whether or not that paradigm is appropriate for the situation. This is dangerous, because it can lead to Strawman Projection when someone under the Goggle Effect is too careless when reading other people’s comments. An example of the Goggle Effect (occasionally advancing to Monomania) is women’s solipsism – everything interpreted through the paradigm of “what if I were that woman?” (Unfortunately this condition is probably incurable and can only be managed.) Goggle Effect can easily infect people who are engaged in Noble Causes. However, on the bright side, the Goggle Effect can be overcome as long as all parties are willing to make the attempt.


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