Guns! I’m gonna get one. Or two.

I had a great morning at an outdoor range today with my SIL, shooting Glock 19s. That little sneak has been practicing with a laser sight and snap caps at home, and it’s really made a huge difference – she shoots out the center of the targets like she’s got some great big holepunch! Unlike my amateur self, who shoots fairly decent clusters but is doing well to get 1/3 of a magazine in the bull’s-eye. Totally stealing her training regimen and getting myself a laser sight and some snap caps. Particularly, I want to train myself to shoot quickly as well as accurately so maybe I can get a leg up on her on our next outing to the range. (Not likely!! Hahaha.)

Anyway, she’s got the S&W Bodyguard as her carry gun, and she’s been carrying it every day, so I’m pretty much sold on the idea of getting a .380 for myself. (Nobody tell the Vox Popoli Ilk, I’m not sure anything smaller than 9mil is allowed even for girls! LOL) The Glock 19 is tons of fun to maul paper with, but it’s totally not concealable except in the depths of winter under a heavy coat if you’re me.

So we spent some time drooling over the pocket pistols – but I’m never ever getting the Bodyguard, I hate hate hate HATE the trigger pull on that thing. HATE. Will never buy. It’s also the only one I’ve actually used, but we did dry fire a couple of the other ones at the shop. I am leaning strongly towards the Ruger LCP, and getting a laser sight for it, even if that means I’ll need to get custom holsters for carrying. The trigger pull seems a lot better than the Bodyguard, and despite its tiny tininess, I think I could train myself to handle it effectively. I watched this YouTube video comparing four pocket pistols being shot by three inexperienced women, and I’m figuring that I can handle the LCP. (It really suffered for being the first gun they fired. Also they are all crazy, because it is obviously the cutest, prettiest of the four guns. And I’m not convinced that the “magazine loading” issues were insurmountable.) It also looks to be the smallest and sleekest, which makes it the most suitable for concealed carry options in .380. If I’m going to carry a .380 at all, I want to be able to carry it with as many outfits as possible, which means going as small as reasonably possible.

Also there was the Ruger LC9 (in raspberry!) and I’m thinking I want that, as well – for all the outfits that I could conceal a single-stack 9mil in. It is also Le Pretty. Which is a big plus for shallow females like me who like our things to be shiny, sparkly, and possibly pink raspberry. (Nobody’s gonna see that in the dark, anyway!) I would prefer to CC a 9mil, but like I said, the Glock 19 is just too big for most applications. I could conceal it under a heavy winter coat, but that’s about it.

The problem with the Glock 42 is that it’s also just too big compared to the other .380 pocket pistols. I’m sure it’s a great gun, but I figure it’d be better to have a teensy .380 that I’d actually, y’know, carry! and a small 9mil than a medium-sized .380 pocket pistol. Because obviously, a girl needs to have options. Mwahaha.

Opinions on the various virtues of pocket pistols welcome. 🙂 I have a lot of research to do…


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  1. Lyn87 says:


    I bought my wife a Glock Model 26 for Valentine’s Day several years ago. If you get the pinky extensions for your mags it is very comfortable to shoot. They only cost a few bucks. This is what it looks like with the magazine extension ( Note that it doesn’t hold more rounds, but it does make it much easier to hold and fire – your pinky doesn’t awkwardly curl under the magazine.

    Personally, I like Ashley Express tritium-insert sights for my carry piece. They’re not cheap, and you’ll lose a tiny bit of accuracy if you’re going for tack-driver bragging rights at longer ranges, but at short ranges (where 99% of real shootings happen), the Ashley’s will get you on-target in a flash. Ashley made sights for big-game rifles at the turn of the 20th Century, where the rifleman might be facing a charging lion or Cape Buffalo, and the ability to get a shot in the kill zone RIGHT FREAKING NOW was what mattered the most. Now they make them for combat pistols and you can get them as night sights (tritium insert in the front sight). I’ve used mine at IDPA competitions with some success. In fact, I regularly trounced a buddy of mine who was a SWAT trainer.

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