Mind Your Own Business

A lot has been made in the news lately about some football player named Ray Rice and a video recording of he and his then-fiancee getting into a fight, the end of which was a “punch” that knocked her out (and then he proceeded to NOT fawn all over her unconscious body, but then, I kind of expect jocks to be jerks).

Actual people who know how to fight and have been KO’ed this way before themselves have pointed out that that “punch” was a defensive move, not an aggressive one. However, the Feminist Privilege folks are all up in arms over how this is Violence Against Women instead of what it really was: a typical two-way domestic that got out of hand months ago. Since Janay married Ray anyhow, instead of going immediately on the talk show circuit talking about how this huge football player ABUSED HER!!!! we can assume that the two of them resolved whatever argument they were having to their own private satisfactions.

Of course, now it’s not private anymore, because somebody thought that it would be a good idea to smear a couple of people having a (pretty bad) moment all over the internet, and the feminists, in their Marxist obsession over treating people as faceless members of oppressed classes instead of real human beings with agency and feelings of their own, have run with it. Despite the fact that this merely “re-victimizes” Janay all over again. But in my cynical heart of hearts, I think causing Janay pain is the point of all this publicity – it’s not like famous people have a real good track record when it comes to nasty behavior after all – and it’s not primarily to punish Ray, although that’s the means through which they pursue their ends.

No, the end goal of this persecution of the Rice couple is intimidation. To intimidate other men so that they know for sure that defending themselves in a violent argument with their significant others is absolutely unacceptable; do you think they’d be any less outraged if he’d grabbed her and pinned her while she screeched and struggled? Nope, we’d be seeing and hearing the same DOMESTIC ABUSE!!!! narrative under any circumstance but the hypothetical in which a large, aggressive athlete does anything but stand there (or cower in the elevator’s corner) and let her slap, hit, punch, and scratch him. And you know who else is being intimidated? Women who have alpha boyfriends/husbands. This is the subtle message: if you stand by your man when The Feminist Sisterhood has decided to condemn him, we’re going to fake-sympathize with your “plight” while we drag you through emotional hell and ruin him. So all you other girlfriends of successful men out there, get the message: unless you want to catch hell from us, you’d better toe the line and be the one to squeal first.

Of course, Hilary is still a feminist darling, but that’s because feminists are total whores for men with political power. Hell, you can get drunk, crash your car, and leave your girlfriend to die (instead of merely unconscious in a hallway) and still be defended by feminists as long as you have political power.


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